Monday, April 15, 2013

My homemade hamamelis-rose water toner

It all started a year ago when my skin went out of its element (is that even a phrase?). It has always been oily/combination and than, bam!, all over sudden I find myself with dry skin. It might have looked normal if it wasn't late spring - time when oily skin types usually act out the most.
My beloved Botanics Organic Rose Water toner that I have always loved had trace amounts of alcohol and that was enough to dry my skin out even worse. My winter remedy - Korres Hamamelis lotion - seemed to be too heavy and yet weak for spring. Oh well! For a while I simply skipped lotion and it actually worked just fine. Until now.
Apparently, my skin thought that I got it too easy and broke out like there's no ptomorrow. So I started looking for a treatment and found these two (it's actually my homemade lotion in Korres bottle. The original lotion has a nice golden-brown shade).
I knew non of them would work on there own and I didn't want to throw them away. So I just mixed them together.
The proportion was about 2 parts of Hamamelis lotion to 1 part of Rose Water .
And it worked! My skin was getting more and more clear, and the scent was just yuuum. So nice and so comforting at the same time.
But all good things come to an end :(
I was going to repurchase both ingredients, but apparently, Korres has discontinued this lotion (they seem to stop selling all their products I fall in love with: vitamin and wild rose foundation, calendula hand cream (luckily, ASOS still carries this one).
Back to the topic, so I decided to give this one a try.
What I liked about Thayer's Unscented Witch hazel and Aloe Vera alcohol free toner, that it doesn't have a bunch of ingredients and the bottle also looks pharmacy-like (always a good sign in my book).
We shall see how this would work out.
And if anyone knows where I can find Korres Hamamelis lotion, please, let me know.

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