Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review:TARTE Clean Slate Deluxe Primer Trio

This was a completely sontaneous purchase. I came to Sephora for my beloved Korres eye creme, and while on this topic, I was thinking I need a new eye-primer. The one I had before was by Korres as well and it was good, but didn't convince me enough to repurchase.

And look what I saw at the check out:

This sample trio offers quite a generous amount of product: 0.25 fl oz of each face primer and 0.09 for the eye primer. I've been using them for two weeks now and they don't seem to run out. And the most shocking thing - it retails for only $9. Which is a bargain for a Sephora item in my book.

My two absolute favourites are Clean Slate 360 Creasless and Poreless  primers.

 I can't say if they really last 12 hours I never wear my makeup that lond, but they definetly do last. And the Clean Slate Poreless is the first face primer that has amazed me. I never thought of wearing a face primer everyday, as their effect seemed to have lasted on ly for a couple of hours. But this one works wonders, it's not that my face becomes literally poreless, but large pores seem significantly smaller and, although it doesn't make any sence, there seems to be less of them. Even when paired with my Laura Mercier mineral foundation. Which I also find quite a challenge foe a primer. Not all of them play nice with a powder foundation.

Clean Slate 360 Creasless is a very strong primer. It even makes my mascara stay on longer (but it also makes it harder to get off). Best part for me is that it contains no parabens, so no irritaion and bad long-term effects. Yay! Although the product in my tube seemed to be a bit separated, so when I opened it for the first time a bit of oily substance came out first. So I suggest shaking it well before te first use.

Clean Slate Flawless is my least favourite not because it's a bad product, I love it and I think it's great. But as a highlighter, not as a primer. It adds luminosity and freshness to your face, I love using it by itself, when I don't want to wear makeup, let's face it, our loved ones are too fragile to see up bare faced when we only had 4 hours of sleep. It might be just me, but I look like a racoon zombie that hasn't been outside in years on those days.

All of these primers are very light and absolutely non-greasy. And they don't make my face itch, as I find it with some Tarte products.

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