Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Currently drooling after...

So there is this Etsy store, I got some AMAZING jewelry almost a YEAR ago. And all this time I've been meaning to make a post about it.
But something always kept me from doing this. I was on a writers block, then I was moving, then there were no sunny days etc etc etc.
Anyways, right after I got my order I noticed this lovely bracelet and wanted to get it, but... see two lines up =)
But back to the story, I was on Etsy looking for a gift and just out of curiosity popped to this store again - Link!
And it turns out my beloved friend is still there, waiting for me, and my feelings are as strong as they were the very first time I saw it - link
 The quality of this jewelry is amazing! As I have already said I own some pieces for almost a year and they don't seem to tarnish at all - and I wash my hands 375 times a day.
They are gold plated and handmade, yet, they cost like costume jewelry from stores like Express or Macy's.

Cala (the designer) is super nice, she can adjust things to your taste, answer any question and even though she makes jewelry after you order it (another nice touch, knowing that is was handmade for me really makes me smile every time I look at my jewels) she ships everything super fast.It's up to you what shipping you choose. I used both, and, well - if for you it's about the process and not getting there right away - regular USPS is the way to go ;)
And, here's another thing I am sure I NEED =))) Although I am thinking of a one for my index finger - link

I am not sponsored or affiliated with this store in anyway, but I am in love with Anemone Jewelry. I even crawled out of my shell to post about it.

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