Monday, February 27, 2012

Good-ole Clinique

Although I am still on the "all-natural" kick, sometimes drastic skin events call for drastic measures. And, hey, it's cruelty free, which is the most important thing, and I can put up with some salicylic acid on my skin.
Ladies, I present you the newest addition to my HG range - Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion.
I am not sure if it counts as a review, but this lotion does wonders - it clears without drying. While their infamous system is good for about 3 weeks, after that it's just blah, Mild lotion gradually improves your skin and it doesn't seem to get accustomed to this treatment, well, at least in my case. I am currently on my THIRD bottle of it.

And the High impact mascara was a freebie. I actually had it for a while and was reluctant to open. The thing is that I used to have one, back when I was still at home and I hated it. And honestly couldn't understand the rave about it.
But being curious I eventually pulled it out of my drawer and never regretted that. So either they have changed the formula over the past 5 years or I simply got a bad one back then.

It applies super easily and provides a very clean volume - if that at all makes any sense. I love the brush - natural bristles and the size is just right for getting all the small lashes and maximum coverage in minimum strokes.
Here's what it looks like one (one layer)

So my advice if you tried some product a while ago and didn't like it but every now and then keep hearing raves, you might as well give it a try (if you're curious, of course), chances are the new formulation will surprise you.

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Tali said...

I agree 100%.. good for 3 weeks then its blah! lol
I remember last year I had a bad (and I mean BAD) allergy to something and clinique saved my skin. Then after 3 weeks of heaven it stopped workign on me!

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