Monday, October 24, 2011

My Smashbox limitless beauty kit

There might be very little practical point posting it now, as I was unable to find this set online, but for those of you who will come along this one - don't hesitate, grab it!
I also got two freebies - so it was like getting a full set of higher-end makeup for $38 - quite a bargain I tell you. If I am not mistaken the freebies were their single ES in Flirt

(you get something else if you order in their "lunch break" time) and a Full Exposure  mascara was a sort of a deluxe sample.
I can't say much about these two - as I have opened the mascara for the first time for the picture purposes (before I was saving it from drying) and I find the shadow quite similar to the one in the palette. so I haven't even swatched it yet. So as their infamous HD primer - I never opened it - too scared to break out, and I don't really need a primer for my Laura Mercier mineral foundation.
My three most favorite items are the palette, blush and the eye pencil.

The pencil. It is called Limittless eye liner in color Java and stays on all day without smudging. It's a total win for me as I much more prefer brown liners to black ones - they seem to accentuate my eyes instead of closing them.

The palette. Shimmery shadows are very smooth and blend very easy. The matte ones are rather hard, I would even call the lightes one chalky - but that is only texture-wise  - it makes a great brow bone highlighter and the darkest one can be used as a brow-filler. Now I already have rather dark and dense brows so I only use it when I want to achieve a dramatic effect, so I am not to be quoted if you need to use it everyday.

And of course, The Blush. It's Blush Rush in Everlasting. Peachy-pink perfect flush color for my skin (Laura Mercier mineral in Real sand) . Every new cheek product break me out at first use - even the best mineral ones. With some of them it goes away in a couple of days, with some not so much. THIS BLUSH NEVER BROKE ME OUT IN THE SLIGHTEST. 'Nuff said.

So here's my belated and not so necessary review in the Smashbox Limitless beauty kit. Hope it was useful for you.
 Have a safe week everyone

Friday, October 14, 2011

Long time, no see

Skybluedream returns to blogging, take two! Action

So this time I just couldn't help but post. This shampoo is absolutely amazing. It makes your hair look great, feel great and style at its best - what else can a girl ask for? The mysterious miracle worker is 

Cristophe Professional Glossing Shampoo which I picked up whilst wandering around my CVS. I was looking for something to revive my hair, which is not tested on animals and paraben free. It just happened to have it all. 

I was going to blog about it when I was on my first bottle of it, but then thought - it must be just the Argan and Monoi oils in it that make it so good and I am just late on the band wagon on appreciating them, so there is no need to rave about this particular brand. So after I ran out and got another brand. And got nothing. Hair was nearly as healthy as they are with Cristophe Glossing Shampoo.
And as soon as I got my new bottle of the GS the magic continued. And every time I meet someone whom I don't see on a daily basis I get asked the same question - "Did you just dye your hair? It looks so shiny". And I am not exaggerating - even my hairdresser asked that.
See it for yourselves

Try it. Although we are all different I am pretty sure it will be a good match for quite a few of us.

I missed you, blogger! 
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