Friday, April 1, 2011

Walgreen's and Target haul!

Hi everyone
I've had two most hectic weeks at work and so I went shopping - sounds pretty logical to me =))
Here's what I got
I've been meaning to get a 1" curling iron for ages and this Revlon one was a) pink b) on sale - so here's a close up. And  of course you always have to use a heat-protecting spray. This is my first time trying Tresemme Thermal creations heat tamer spray. Hope it's as good as its said to be.

I also got 4 polishes I've been looking for for a month  -they were sold out around me
They are - Wen'n'Wild Grey's anatomy, Revlon Black star, Wet'n'Wild Bite the bullet and Disturbia.
I also Got Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Pink sugar

And I couldn't pass on this kit from Ecotools by Alicia Silverstone. It's a brush kit and a cosmetic bag 2-in-one. Just what I was looking for.

Review and more details comming soon.



G A B Y said...

Great haul! I never knew Burt's Bees had a whitening toothpaste? I wonder what are the whitening ingredients in it? Could you keep us updated on that? I'm super curious as I'm a big Burt's Bees fan (=

The Wet n Wild palette looks gorgeous! I love the Revlon lipstick too but the shimmers put me off a little z=

The curling iron is soooo cute! It's cool that you got it on sale x

Renée said...

Hi Gaby, I'll post a list of ingredients from the box in my next post. I've never knew that either, plus it also has a freebie - Burts Bees original lipbalm!

The shimmers are killing ne right now - they ended up on the top of my cheeks (how's that even possible) in half an hour

The pallet is worth the rave - al the colors are amazing! I'll post swatches soon

Supergirl said...

Renee, please make a post about curling iron, I am looking now for one tu buy, you would help me to decide!

Renée said...

Hi Super Girl! I've used this iron yesterday, but didn't take pictures. I'll curl my probable next Wednesday - so the review isn't gonna be up for a about a week. it has some cons - but they are not that bad. But! if you have rather thick hair like i do- it won't be able to curl strands thicker than 0.5" in diameter - but I find that most irons work that way on my hair

Marie said...

Nice haul!:D

How cute is that curling iron?:D

***** Marie *****

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