Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review: Revlon 1" styling iron

A while ago I posted a Haul featuring Revlon 1" styling iron that I got on sale in Target. So this is my belated review on it. Here's a close look 

It has 30 heat setting - which is an awesome feature and a durable cord connector (I can be making up technical terms right now, basically - when you twist the iron it curls only your hair, but not the cord=)))

I don't really care that it has metal barrel - as I personally believe - there's not much difference in damage with a curling iron - when with a flat iron - the smoother its surface is - the better it slides along you hair.

And that's a result right off the iron before any styling, you really need only 3-5 seconds for each section. and I promise, my hair is not that dry and damaged in person - it must be the flash side-effect

glad to be back to blogging, hope to keep it a bit more consistent.



Supergirl said...

You know what?? Yesterday I spent all evening looking for curling iron!:) I am thinking about Babyliss..

How was your Easter?
Hope it was great!! hugs

anamika said...

wow..i wish this product could be available in India

Marilou said...

Oh my, you hair looks AMAZING! So shiny, I'm jealous

Risha said...

in case anybody is interested - this lovely device has decided to stop working in about 5 month after purchase

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