Sunday, April 17, 2011

I blame Marilou! NYC Expert last nail polish in 265 lemon cream

Yes, it was her post that brought out my inner child and made me go hunting for a yellow polish.

Now, I was buying this bottle just out of curiosity - to see how I feel about a  yellow polish on my nails. But it wouldn't hurt it formulation was good. But it wasn't! It's sheer and streaky even after 3 layers and chips like a  a lot. You can see it for yourself - and its only 12 hours old in this pic.

Color-wise - I would prefer it to be a bit more orange - something doesn't add up with a pastel yellow and my skin tone.



Supergirl said...

I need that colour as well! I will buy yellow polish when I will find lovely shade:)
Just I will stay away from this one! Thanks for review:)

G A B Y said...

So pretty! It's like the perfect yellow!

From Broadway said...

Such a pretty shade of yellow!!!

Marilou said...

LOL !!!! Yellow suits you perfectly I gotta say :-) xo Marilou

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