Friday, March 18, 2011

What's in my mail


Seriously! You should see my face when I find a new box by my door or see a UPS truck park by my house! The best ones are the ones that my parents and sister send me! To be honest I don't care what's in those ones- the box can be filled with paper - I will be just as happy, because I know just a few days ago my mom touched and packed it!

But this time I am going to share with you my Origins purchase. I actually begin to like online shopping over an in-store one.
It's four times more trill. First - you get to choose what you want without ever present SA (I don't find them necessary - I never got any useful help from one - colors never matched products never fit my skin and it makes me want to get done with a purchase just to make her go away. The lucky exclusion is Sephora SA - they remind me of fairies - appear when you need them, help and vanish right away. Second - the thrill of a purchase. Third -when you get your tracking number. Now you know that your preeeeeecious is on its way to you. And the forth - when you actually open the box.

So let's see what's inside this one:

Can't wait to use each and every single one of them. And Peace of Mind is said to help with migraines  - if it really does that would be amazing!

Stay tuned for the reviews!




G A B Y said...

Who doesn't love parcels? I do a happy dance everytime i receive something xD

Renée said...

a happy dance?! that would be an interesting addition to my parcel routine :) I am thinking "Chandler style" ;)))

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