Friday, March 18, 2011


Ladies, I have decided to start hurt my hair again and get myself a flat iron.

As I don't plan to use it often I think I will be just fine with a drugstore one (if you can say so about a flat iron), ie  something that doesn't cost more than $50.

So I've picked Remington Shine or Frizz therapy - the one that infuses your hair with oils.
I've actually used this one once and  had a feeling it was much more drying then a high-end iron I was using 3 years ago. Or is that because I forgot what a flat iron does to hair?
Please, please give me your advise on this one. I don't want to fry my hair or through money away on something that doesn't work.
Or do you think its better for my hair to splurge on a more expensive one?
If you have any other suggestions I will be more then grateful.



Monica said...

Have you purchased one yet?! I just bought a babyliss on Amazon for $80 and the original price was $150! It works amazing!

SkyBlueDream said...

thank you so much, Monica! I actually gave up that search for a while, and decided that I still need one just a couple of days ago. will be looking for that one, do you mind sharing the link

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