Friday, March 18, 2011

And the winner is....

Thank you so much everyone who took part in my giveaway!

To be honest I would have loved to send each and everyone a little prize as most girls who entered it are actually frequent guests on my page.

But this time I only have one prize and it goes to someone who was 6th to comment

Congratulations, Supergirl!
By the way, she has an amazing blog , go check it out and if you are not following her already you definitely should :)))))

To be honest, I enjoyed hosting this giveaway  more than I enjoy taking part in other girls' contests. So chances are I might try to save up for another one.


1 comment:

Supergirl said...

Oh my!!!!;DD
It is amazing!!!
You know what? It is a present for my birthday;D Today is may birthday!;DD

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