Saturday, February 19, 2011

Target treasure

Hi everyone!
How's your week? Do you already have spring weather anticipation?
The past few days here have been really nice and sunny, so you just can't help but smile whenever you go outside. YAY! I love early spring!

So, onto the shallow things =)  This week has been extremely nice to me. Not only my work was going great and I managed to get last-minute 1 week leave with no problems! Double yay for a long-awaited journey! But I was also very lucky shopping-wise.

As many of you know a couple of months ago Temple St Claire came up with a collection for Target. To be honest I didn't like most of it - it looked a bit... hmm... budget-ty n the border with tacky. Although it said it was made with real gemstones - some of them were colored too painfully artificial (I liked the colors, but they are definitely not for the gemstones).

Yet there was one line that stud out from the very beginning- the pomegranate line. The ring reminded me of Ancient Rome or Greece jewelery and the earrings were just plane perfect. Fun Bright and very neat. But even though I liked them I didn't feel like paying $80 for both of them. Even though they are plaited with 14K gold and have real gemstones (I prefer to think that they have a real garnet rather than a random artificially colored gemstone). Don't get me wrong I love jewelery and I do have quite a few of rather pricey items - I just don't feel like paying this money for something that is not worth it.

But this week I notices them in a clearance basket for $7.79 each. I hesitated a while but the finally got them and I am so happy I am!

I strongly recommend you to check out your local Target or go to their web-site! These will be such a great addition to your collection!

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