Monday, February 21, 2011

Review: Revlon Custom'eyes mascara

Happy Monday everyone *insert evil sarcasm smile here*,
As if a Monday can be happy!

So anyways, my epic love for makeup has once again brought me to a drugstore. And there is was - a new Revlon Custom'eyes mascara, one of those that lets you control the amount of product you get on the brush. Or at least it claims to do so.
And once again blogger has it's own opinion on the picture posting, oh well

I loved the packaging it's very sleek and neat. But I noticed that it's not only sleek - it's small - for $8 you get 5.6 ml or .19 FL OZ of a product - which makes it half-the size of most high-end mascaras. For instance MAC and Dior ones are 11 ml or .38 FL OZ. So basically, Revlon one is no cheaper - its just smaller than Sephora range mascaras.

But that didn't put me off, as many mascaras expire before I manage to run out of them. 6 months is quite a longterm and I only wear 1 layer on a daily basis.

I liked how it looked on my lashes (though it's hard to see on the pictures)

It made my lashes look clean and elongated.

That was perfect until I started playing around with the click-y thing on the wand. After about 4 times going back and forward in settings this is what you get

The product is smeared all over the brush and the tube. And yes, it does get worse.

And as if it wasn't enough - in about an hour after application it started to smudge and flake leaving me with the worst raccoon eyes I ever had since high school when I was only starting my makeup journey.

My verdict is - great idea, horrible formulation. As much as I love Revlon and as much I am keen on trying out every new line they come up with - please, oh please, stay away from it

xoxo, me

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Carrie said...

Thanks for the review. Now i know not to purchase this kind.


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