Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review: Origins Brighter by Nature peel pads

I came across this wonderful product on Liparazzi's blog. I couldn't wait to get to try it. I actually got this one for my mom first as a Cristmas present. She loved it. So it was my time to try it out.

Even though I have a bunch of acne scarring all over my face, I was getting this mostly as this pads are said to clear out complexion. And after three weeks of using it I can definitely say THEY DO! My skin is much more clear, break outs reduced and so did mu pores. It it to early to speak about evening out my skin tone, but I do see a difference in my old scarring appearance. This is a HG product for me now!

You see, my skin is very sensitive to exfoliation, I can't use most scrubs  without getting white bumps all over my cheeks in a week, most clay masks when used all over my face dry me out and lead to flaking and break outs. The only mask I could use was Murad Pomegranate Mask but my skin got immune to it in 6 months.

The pads are nicely textured, so you get just the right amount of physical exfoliation.
It is rather strong, so after you use a pad make sure you soak your face in a good moisturizer, and please note - you don't have to wash your face after you swipe a pad over your face. If you have very sensitive skin - I would advice to start using it once a week for a couple of weeks and than go up to two times as it is advised on the box.

It also says that it is comparable to a 30% glycolic peel. I'm not where I stand on that one, as I only had a acid peel done on my face once and it was very strong, I was shedding my skin like a snake (lovely description, I know). This pads are definitely not that strong. You don't even get any redness the next morning.

Oh, by the way - I got my mom the full size(40 pads) on Origins web-site and mine I got in Macy's  - they have an exclusive travel pack of 20 pads. I figured - I would save $15 for now as 20 pads will last me good 10 weeks and in that time a lot of things can happen.

xoxo, me


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