Saturday, February 12, 2011

Goldie nail polish

So today I was in my Marshall's store looking for CHI Iron guard, as you all probably know you can often find it there at a great price. I didn't find it, but there was a tiny treasure waiting for me

I have never heard of Goldie nail polishes before, but they call me a makeup junkie for a reason. As soon as I read that it's the three toxins free and is vegan friendly I knew I would get it

At first I fell for the gorgeous dusty rose color (the third one in the first row), but then I realized that I pretty much love them all, well except for last two red colors in the back that might be too bright for me, although I think they will be perfect on the toes. The first one is actually not black - it's a deep purple. Cant wait to try in on my nails.
So far I put the dusty rose one on (on the bottom of the bottle it has number 10 carved in the glass, but as all the polishes have different colors - I'm pretty sure - that's their way to number the polish - the mark the glass, not the paper)

It is quite sheer (I had to apply 3 coats to make the color show up the way it is in the bottle) and I am not sure if this color is any good for my complexion (will have to see it in the day light), but I loved the application. Goes on very smooth and dries rather fast. We'll see how it wears off.

And taking that I paid $8 for 8  full sized polishes - makes it almost fail-proof for a dollar per color - even if I wear each of them only once, they will pretty much pay off (well, that's how I justify my addiction).

Have you recently found any treasures on sale? Let me know swatches of what colors you want to see.

xoxo, me


Marcy said...

Very cute nail polishes!!


DeeSquared said...

I bought them from TJMaxx two weeks ago and when I found out they were discontinued I almost cried!! Theyre all amazing and my favorite is the bronzey color:D

Renée said...

Hi DeeSquared,
I am soo sasd t hear that too, I fell in love with them they are soo amazing

Rose Esprit said...

These look so adorable! I wish I lived in the US so I could pick some up! Lovely blog :)


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