Monday, February 28, 2011

Diorshow Mascaras

Let the mascara ramble proceed!

Hi everyone!

So the other week I was in Sephora trying to get Sephora by OPI Break a leg warmer from the new Urban Ballerina collection. Mission failed - they ran out of it during the first week they got it.

But I was also looking for a new mascara, trying out drugstore ones didn't work out well for me. Seee it for yourself here.

On my way to Sephora I decided to go back to my all time favorite - Dior Show. I just wasn't sure which one - the original or the Blackout one. So I stood in front of their counter playing around with the tubes, then I went to the mascara stand, tossed each and every single tube out their and still couldn't choose which one was to go home with me.
But then, ta-daaam
Basically it's two 4 ml mascaras with full sized brushes.

Perfect for indecisive ladies like me, this way you can take home two high-end mascaras without feeling guilty that most of them will dry out before you get to use it. Plus it won't get that much contaminated due to its short life! Yay! (I can make up a thousands excuses to approve of my not so necessary purchases ;))
It cost $18 which again isn't too much for a high end duo (if you remember a 5 ml Revlon Custom'eyes cost me $9).
I also got an Hourglass freebie for my 100-points
I haven't used this one yet, but I look forward to it. I will keep you updated on how things will go with this one.

have a great night,
xoxo, me

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