Monday, February 28, 2011

Diorshow Mascaras

Let the mascara ramble proceed!

Hi everyone!

So the other week I was in Sephora trying to get Sephora by OPI Break a leg warmer from the new Urban Ballerina collection. Mission failed - they ran out of it during the first week they got it.

But I was also looking for a new mascara, trying out drugstore ones didn't work out well for me. Seee it for yourself here.

On my way to Sephora I decided to go back to my all time favorite - Dior Show. I just wasn't sure which one - the original or the Blackout one. So I stood in front of their counter playing around with the tubes, then I went to the mascara stand, tossed each and every single tube out their and still couldn't choose which one was to go home with me.
But then, ta-daaam
Basically it's two 4 ml mascaras with full sized brushes.

Perfect for indecisive ladies like me, this way you can take home two high-end mascaras without feeling guilty that most of them will dry out before you get to use it. Plus it won't get that much contaminated due to its short life! Yay! (I can make up a thousands excuses to approve of my not so necessary purchases ;))
It cost $18 which again isn't too much for a high end duo (if you remember a 5 ml Revlon Custom'eyes cost me $9).
I also got an Hourglass freebie for my 100-points
I haven't used this one yet, but I look forward to it. I will keep you updated on how things will go with this one.

have a great night,
xoxo, me

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review: Origins Brighter by Nature peel pads

I came across this wonderful product on Liparazzi's blog. I couldn't wait to get to try it. I actually got this one for my mom first as a Cristmas present. She loved it. So it was my time to try it out.

Even though I have a bunch of acne scarring all over my face, I was getting this mostly as this pads are said to clear out complexion. And after three weeks of using it I can definitely say THEY DO! My skin is much more clear, break outs reduced and so did mu pores. It it to early to speak about evening out my skin tone, but I do see a difference in my old scarring appearance. This is a HG product for me now!

You see, my skin is very sensitive to exfoliation, I can't use most scrubs  without getting white bumps all over my cheeks in a week, most clay masks when used all over my face dry me out and lead to flaking and break outs. The only mask I could use was Murad Pomegranate Mask but my skin got immune to it in 6 months.

The pads are nicely textured, so you get just the right amount of physical exfoliation.
It is rather strong, so after you use a pad make sure you soak your face in a good moisturizer, and please note - you don't have to wash your face after you swipe a pad over your face. If you have very sensitive skin - I would advice to start using it once a week for a couple of weeks and than go up to two times as it is advised on the box.

It also says that it is comparable to a 30% glycolic peel. I'm not where I stand on that one, as I only had a acid peel done on my face once and it was very strong, I was shedding my skin like a snake (lovely description, I know). This pads are definitely not that strong. You don't even get any redness the next morning.

Oh, by the way - I got my mom the full size(40 pads) on Origins web-site and mine I got in Macy's  - they have an exclusive travel pack of 20 pads. I figured - I would save $15 for now as 20 pads will last me good 10 weeks and in that time a lot of things can happen.

xoxo, me

Monday, February 21, 2011

I am moving

Dear everyone!

from now on this blog will be living at
Hope to see you all there!



Review: Revlon Custom'eyes mascara

Happy Monday everyone *insert evil sarcasm smile here*,
As if a Monday can be happy!

So anyways, my epic love for makeup has once again brought me to a drugstore. And there is was - a new Revlon Custom'eyes mascara, one of those that lets you control the amount of product you get on the brush. Or at least it claims to do so.
And once again blogger has it's own opinion on the picture posting, oh well

I loved the packaging it's very sleek and neat. But I noticed that it's not only sleek - it's small - for $8 you get 5.6 ml or .19 FL OZ of a product - which makes it half-the size of most high-end mascaras. For instance MAC and Dior ones are 11 ml or .38 FL OZ. So basically, Revlon one is no cheaper - its just smaller than Sephora range mascaras.

But that didn't put me off, as many mascaras expire before I manage to run out of them. 6 months is quite a longterm and I only wear 1 layer on a daily basis.

I liked how it looked on my lashes (though it's hard to see on the pictures)

It made my lashes look clean and elongated.

That was perfect until I started playing around with the click-y thing on the wand. After about 4 times going back and forward in settings this is what you get

The product is smeared all over the brush and the tube. And yes, it does get worse.

And as if it wasn't enough - in about an hour after application it started to smudge and flake leaving me with the worst raccoon eyes I ever had since high school when I was only starting my makeup journey.

My verdict is - great idea, horrible formulation. As much as I love Revlon and as much I am keen on trying out every new line they come up with - please, oh please, stay away from it

xoxo, me

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pretty little things - Orly Holiday Treatment set

Hello bellas!

I love nail polish! It's my second addiction after perfume. Even though I might no be great at doing my nails, I made a huge progress in it- from a phase that my friend calls - "I was painting my fingers and accidentally got some on my nails" - to a point when it looks pretty nice and neat.

Usually I only wear a base coat and the polish itself. But a few days ago my routine got a bit more time consuming. That is because I found this in my Sally's beauty supply

I was called something like Holiday treatment by Orly and happened to be on sale for $1.99 and it's 3-toxins free. I think I don't have to say no more. It had to be mine.

I find this Orly minis to be quite long-lasting. So  even if it wasn't on sale - I still think it would be a great deal. You get to try three products for the price of one full-sized.

Primetime - this one is a clear liquid that dries out on the nail and takes oil on its surface away. I don't think it's that important as I usually paint my nails right after I take the previous polish off so its already dry. But I still use it every time I use this set.

Bonder - I am not sure either it is it or the Polished - but my polish stays on extra 2 days without chipping when I wear it.

Polished - It does add a great shine and I am under the impression that it does dry my nails faster, although it might be just an impression.

I also have had Top2Bottom mini for a while.

But I don't think much of it just an average base coat that you use to protect your nails from staining. Although you can use it as a top-coat as well I've never tried to, so there's nothing I can tell about its properties as a finishing touch

xoxo, me

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Target treasure

Hi everyone!
How's your week? Do you already have spring weather anticipation?
The past few days here have been really nice and sunny, so you just can't help but smile whenever you go outside. YAY! I love early spring!

So, onto the shallow things =)  This week has been extremely nice to me. Not only my work was going great and I managed to get last-minute 1 week leave with no problems! Double yay for a long-awaited journey! But I was also very lucky shopping-wise.

As many of you know a couple of months ago Temple St Claire came up with a collection for Target. To be honest I didn't like most of it - it looked a bit... hmm... budget-ty n the border with tacky. Although it said it was made with real gemstones - some of them were colored too painfully artificial (I liked the colors, but they are definitely not for the gemstones).

Yet there was one line that stud out from the very beginning- the pomegranate line. The ring reminded me of Ancient Rome or Greece jewelery and the earrings were just plane perfect. Fun Bright and very neat. But even though I liked them I didn't feel like paying $80 for both of them. Even though they are plaited with 14K gold and have real gemstones (I prefer to think that they have a real garnet rather than a random artificially colored gemstone). Don't get me wrong I love jewelery and I do have quite a few of rather pricey items - I just don't feel like paying this money for something that is not worth it.

But this week I notices them in a clearance basket for $7.79 each. I hesitated a while but the finally got them and I am so happy I am!

I strongly recommend you to check out your local Target or go to their web-site! These will be such a great addition to your collection!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Goldie nail polish

So today I was in my Marshall's store looking for CHI Iron guard, as you all probably know you can often find it there at a great price. I didn't find it, but there was a tiny treasure waiting for me

I have never heard of Goldie nail polishes before, but they call me a makeup junkie for a reason. As soon as I read that it's the three toxins free and is vegan friendly I knew I would get it

At first I fell for the gorgeous dusty rose color (the third one in the first row), but then I realized that I pretty much love them all, well except for last two red colors in the back that might be too bright for me, although I think they will be perfect on the toes. The first one is actually not black - it's a deep purple. Cant wait to try in on my nails.
So far I put the dusty rose one on (on the bottom of the bottle it has number 10 carved in the glass, but as all the polishes have different colors - I'm pretty sure - that's their way to number the polish - the mark the glass, not the paper)

It is quite sheer (I had to apply 3 coats to make the color show up the way it is in the bottle) and I am not sure if this color is any good for my complexion (will have to see it in the day light), but I loved the application. Goes on very smooth and dries rather fast. We'll see how it wears off.

And taking that I paid $8 for 8  full sized polishes - makes it almost fail-proof for a dollar per color - even if I wear each of them only once, they will pretty much pay off (well, that's how I justify my addiction).

Have you recently found any treasures on sale? Let me know swatches of what colors you want to see.

xoxo, me
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