Monday, January 24, 2011

Sephora for OPI Bare to be different

Lately I've been in a mood for sheer nail colors. So I decided to expand my collection and here's what I got

 Sorry for a sideways picture, but I am not in the mood to fight with the blogger picture editing. If it thinks - this is the way for the pic to be displayed - so shall it be  :)

It actually turned out to be a bit too sheer than I expected(taking that I applied 3 coats) and I was about to return it as it looked as a clear polish. But that was until it started chipping off - that's when I saw the difference between my bare nails and "bare looking nails". It is veeeeery-veeery flattering. It might look like a clear polish - but it adds a healthy look to your hands - which is a great thing for me especially in the winter.
But still - it's not the color I was looking for. So if you know a polish that looks on the nails just like this one does in the bottle and has no toxins in it, please, let me know.
Thank you

xoxo, me

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