Monday, January 24, 2011

Korres Wild rose foundation in WRF1

Hey everyone! Long time no see. I've been out of posting and reading blogs for a huge while for a couple of reasons. But that doesn't matter. I am back now and will try to read as many lovely posts as I can.

And add a few ones of my own.

So the first I want to share is my newly returned love - Korres wild rose foundation.

Let me start from the beginning. I've been in love with Korres since this spring. Bit the problem is that the nearest counter where I can play around with their products is my local Sephora which is an hour drive away. So most of the time I would go on buying online the products that I already know or are miss-proof. The problem is that my face actually seems to be a total different color in Sephora lightening or for some reasons pink undertones in products don't show up - but a lot of times when I buy a face product there in a real life light it turns out to be piggy pink =)
So I try to pay attention to the box swatches and if there is a hint of pink - I just stay away. Usually it works.
No wonder when I saw this (sorry for the crappy picture by the way, but you get the color)

But this time I was so desperate that I decided to take a risk and guess what - I was rewarded.
This is what you get (By the way the color that comes up on the bottle picture is very true to life.)
and on the back of my hand it looks like this

I still love it - and a full review you can read here. This post is just a color-wise update.

I would say if you are Fairly Light- Light in BE and around 200 Nude in Revlon Colorstay - go for it.
Not only it will give you coverage - it will also protect and heal you skin. But what I recently noticed - as my skin turns combination/dry in the winter - you have to be very careful around dry patches as it can accentuate them.

xoxo, me


Catanya said...

Thanks so much for this detailed review! I have never tried Korres products before and this foundation sounds a perfect one to try now. I am considering purchasing it online! Do you think it would also suit a MAC NC20?

Renée said...

Hi! Soo happy to get my first comment in such a long time (my friends just don't feel my passion for beauty items). Unfortunately, I can't tell that for sure - I've never owned a MAC foundation, but when I did a color match last May - I was NC20 - but I might be lighter that that now

Renée said...

oh and by the way - if you have a fairly good skin - you might like their Vitamins foundation even better. Although WR one is marketed as a long lasting one - I don't see that much difference in the staying power. WR one sinks and dries into your skin and a Vitamin one stays on the surface as a shield.(but is absolutely non waterproof - I one happened to cry wearing it and got milky lines on my cheeks)

Delyteful Speaks said...

I recenly posted a review on this foundation.. I almost gave it away until I decided to give it another try.. and now i like it =)

You should try the Korres Wild Rose Brightening Moisturizer.. It's amazing and works as a great primer I reckon

Renée said...

hi Delyteful Speaks!
thanks for stopping by and for you recommendation! I totally agree with you on the moisturizer! it's been my HG for over a year. even if I venture out to try something new, I always use it at least once a day

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