Monday, January 24, 2011

HAUL: CVS discontinued items sale

Te other week was rather productive for me shopping wise. I managed to catch a lot of sales without even trying.

I went to CVS to pick up Revlon moisturizing concealer - that I happened to read a lot about recently. And guess what? it was 75% OFF (making it cost $2) So as a couple of other things.

These are the ones I took advantage of

The sanitizer was not on sale though, but it's my essential - most sanitizer smell make me sick - but I happen to quite like this particular one.

I also got was Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in 413 Twinkled City  - which is a pearl.

 I was looking up this lipstick for a while, mostly every time I've been to a drugstore and was always afraid that a pink nude with gold shimmer can look rather grannie-like. But at $1.75 it doesn't hurt to try.
And by the way - it isn't - it a very subtle color

The concealer was totally worth the rave, so stay tuned for a review of mine

xoxox, me

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