Sunday, December 19, 2010

My first MAC product

Hey everyone!!!

You can laugh at me, you can point fingers, but a fact will still be a fact. I have never owned any MAC product until the beginning of this December.

It all changed when I got a lovely gift delivered to me in a black box. It was 

And it was love at first swipe. It does all I expect a mascara to do. Volumizes. Separates. Adds a bit of length. Holds a curl. Kind to sensitive eyes.

It's got a ginormous  natural brush and bee-wax in its formulation, which immediately reminded me of my beloved DiorShow. And after using  Opulash for two weeks I can say that they work the same for me. 

So with this gift I got one of my favorite mascara finishes, tried a new product and discovered the infamous "MAC" world.

Plus it is $10 cheaper than DiorShow and you don't have to worry about the "animal testing mystery" that accompanies all Dior products.
Here's what it looks like.
All pictures were taken when the mascara was fresh from the box, and after a week it looks even better. 
I would also like to mention that I wear only 1 layer (I know I am lame in beauty community scale, but that's how I like my mascara).

And a blurry overlook

So this got me wondering. If mascara is one of the weakest MAC products how great their other range must be.



PnB said...

Mascara really is the weakest of all MAC products! But welcome to the world of MAC, it will suck you in and make u spend tonnes of hard earned money and then make you feel guilty, but great !!!!

Renée said...

hmm.. that sounds promising... and scary =)))
*off to work on my MAC wish-list*

Supergirl said...

I can't laugh, you can laugh from me;DD Because I don't have any MAC product;DDDD

Renée said...

Hey, Supergirl
from what I hear it might be the best thing that has ever happened to your budget. I really feel an urge to go to MAC counter and test out smth else. Fortunately I am in my "I don't need anything=I don't buy anything" phase

Marilou said...

Yay welcome to the mac world!
They have great products but I personally think that it's good to not become a mac obsessed as there are many others good brands.
Diversity is the key :)

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