Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Korres haul

I don't know if I am going to to become a slave for MAC after my recent initiation, but most definitely Korres skincare has already got me.
I have skipped rambling on one of my hauls. But here comes a new one

This time I got their Cinnamon Clay mask and a guava lip butter.

Let me just say I adore both!
I already have and love their rose butter, but it's rater pigmented and I wanted something I could use overnights and on a no lippie day.

So far I have only used the mask once. But I totally loved it. First of all - I am deeply convinced that my skin doesn't stand any sort of scrubbing. So I only use masks for exfoliation. And this one totally did the trick. Plus, I used it around that time of the month and it brought up to the surface all the cystic villains that were deeply under the skin, prepared to torture me with their presence for a week. One night, one gentle removals and bye-bye lovelies!
Bare in mind that is formulated for a problem skin, so it is drying. So pack on a thick layer of a moisturizer afterwards!

muchos besos!



Supergirl said...

Im jelaous!!!
I love Korres too:)

G A B Y said...

I'm interested in the lip butter, it looks yummy!

Renée said...

I don't know about Europe but Korres US has amazing deals around Christmas. They've just had their $39 Wild rose moisturizer duo on sale - 15% add a -25% code that you can google and you end up 2 moisturizers for $25 - normally ONE costs $35
so this might be the best time to invest in their range

Renée said...

Hey GABY! Not only it looks yummy it also smells divine! FORTUNATELY they have almost no taste, otherwise I would always end up eating it from my lips (that's for sure)

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