Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I don't like it PART 1 (to be continued...)

Hello, everyone!

How's you Holidays season getting along? Have you already figured your New Years resolutions?

Today I am starting a new direction in my posting - before that I have only advised and reviewed things. But it time to start bitching out (excuse my French =))).

This two particular products have definitely deserved their right to open this ceremony.

And the best of the worst is.....

Got2b Crazysleek xl conditioning flat iron and blow dry lotion. Bad-bad-bad product.
First of all, I have loved and constantly used their Guardian Angel blow-dry protection even before all ravings. So it was logical that a beauty junkie like me would go on further in trying out this brand. Not only it has disappointed my expectations as a hair product - it also broke my cheeks out real bad- i.e my right cheek  -  the one I sleep on. (I am sure that this is this due to this product as I gave it several chances). So if you have acne prone skin my best advise would be to stay away from it.

Back to it's styling properties - be prepared that is not a fine mist. Probably every time when I use it the first spritz ummmm... I don't know how to get delicate to it - it spits out the product that is more like a gel then a spray - the more I stray it - the more fine it gets. And it tends to be a very noticeable build up on your hair, which I personally try to stay away from.

Onto the good news - it does make your hair sleek as it clams. Even without a flat iron. But still it's most likely heading to the trash.

And the second product is from the same company (read CVS had a buy 1 get 1 free that day) -
Got2b Fat-tastic.

This one actually works and really good. It gives volume that lasts. Its just that my hair at the roots (that is where I apply the product) - it stops being hair and turns into pieces of a wire and may be it's just me - but it drives me crazy and it's itchy after a couple of hours. Sorry - that's not what I like. But I have used  good 3/4
of it.
Ladies, please, share you black list items with me!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Korres haul

I don't know if I am going to to become a slave for MAC after my recent initiation, but most definitely Korres skincare has already got me.
I have skipped rambling on one of my hauls. But here comes a new one

This time I got their Cinnamon Clay mask and a guava lip butter.

Let me just say I adore both!
I already have and love their rose butter, but it's rater pigmented and I wanted something I could use overnights and on a no lippie day.

So far I have only used the mask once. But I totally loved it. First of all - I am deeply convinced that my skin doesn't stand any sort of scrubbing. So I only use masks for exfoliation. And this one totally did the trick. Plus, I used it around that time of the month and it brought up to the surface all the cystic villains that were deeply under the skin, prepared to torture me with their presence for a week. One night, one gentle removals and bye-bye lovelies!
Bare in mind that is formulated for a problem skin, so it is drying. So pack on a thick layer of a moisturizer afterwards!

muchos besos!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

My first MAC product

Hey everyone!!!

You can laugh at me, you can point fingers, but a fact will still be a fact. I have never owned any MAC product until the beginning of this December.

It all changed when I got a lovely gift delivered to me in a black box. It was 

And it was love at first swipe. It does all I expect a mascara to do. Volumizes. Separates. Adds a bit of length. Holds a curl. Kind to sensitive eyes.

It's got a ginormous  natural brush and bee-wax in its formulation, which immediately reminded me of my beloved DiorShow. And after using  Opulash for two weeks I can say that they work the same for me. 

So with this gift I got one of my favorite mascara finishes, tried a new product and discovered the infamous "MAC" world.

Plus it is $10 cheaper than DiorShow and you don't have to worry about the "animal testing mystery" that accompanies all Dior products.
Here's what it looks like.
All pictures were taken when the mascara was fresh from the box, and after a week it looks even better. 
I would also like to mention that I wear only 1 layer (I know I am lame in beauty community scale, but that's how I like my mascara).

And a blurry overlook

So this got me wondering. If mascara is one of the weakest MAC products how great their other range must be.

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