Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review: Murad Acne Spot treatment

An I'm back to my rambling/raving mode. The cold seems to have broken up with me  :)))
So the "hero" of the day is - Murad Acne spot treatment with Sulfur. This is the first sulfur acne one I used at home. I had once been to a SPA where they use natural mud with sulfur and that was amazing. If it was not for a lovely sales person in Sephora I might not learn that you can have these treatments at home. Next on my wish list is their face mask.
But, back to the review

Let me spoil the review from the very first sentence - so far this is the best spot treatment I've used so far. Better then benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid treatments from various brands from all over the world and even better then Tea tree (it lost the battle only because it terribly dries out the surrounding aria).

Now onto the details.

As much as I love the idea of getting rid of an annoying blemish in 8 hours, I don't think it is likely to happen. Look at celebrities - if it was possible, we would never see them rocking a red carpet with imperfections, right? So I don't expect a spot treatment to do that. Plus, I don't know may be it's just me, all the estheticians I've been to always say -don't pick your face, a blemish will heal and go away.  It works on a zit, but not on a cystic acne. WARNING A GROSS SCAR DESCRIPTION AHEAD: I tried leaving cystic bustards alone, even though it was tremendously hard to keep my hands off my face, I did it, but then I got left with the worst acne scarring - not a dark spot, but a swollen/semi-hard brown scar - I waited ages for them to go away and even had to get chemical peels for that. While if I pick my face, all I am left with is just a brown scar that goes away in 3-4 month and can easily be covered with foundation. So I don't use spot creams to dry up an excising acne.

I use spot treatments as a healing balm after I attack my face, to make sure that all the break out causing bacteria if dead. *insert evil laughter here*

If you had even one cystic acne you know, that it even after you're done with it, it stays painful and swollen for a while. Well, not with this one, I put it overnight and in the morning I have a regular blemish scar (if it makes any sense)!
It doesn't dry up your skin, so no worries for dry patches, if you use a light hand it can be used under make up.
It does have a sulfur scent to it (who would expect a sulfur treatment to smell of that, right?), it fades out completely during a couple of hours, but tends to stay on you pillow-cases. To be honest, I kind of like the smell of matches, so it doesn't bother me (is that completely weird?)

That's all, folks ;)))



ifoundpablo said...

You've convinced me I need to try this!

Renee said...

I hope it would work as great on you as it did on me :) don't forget to share ;)

Supergirl said...

Thank you for following my blog!
I am your new follower too:)

raiford said...
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