Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dreams do come true! =)

Hey everyone! Long time no see, I know!

I haven't been feeling like blogging mostly because I don't feel good in my skin this month - it's been a very stressful one - and so my cheeks are extremely broken out - it's very saddening as I was starting to love my skin the month before - and it's been a long way to that feeling.

But anyways! I am actually posting this not to moan, but to spread the news! I think this is the only thing that could move me from my "writer's" block.
For all of us Korres geeks out there I believe this to be a great holiday gift!


Yes, you heard it right!

Can't wait to get my hands on it. There is hoping that I manage to wait till Sephora sends out their holiday gift certificates. But I am not going to lie - chances are small.
As far as I learned it's available in Sephora only (and I "borrowed" their picture, hope they don't mind), though it doesn't say so, but I couldn't find in on Korres USA web-site.

Anyways, in case anyone has already got it - please, share with me your thoughts.

EDIT! It is now available on Korres official site as well! Yay! It means you can Google their -25% and a free shipping coupon, sounds like a bargain to me =)  


Supergirl said...

It is great!!! I love Korres!

martienn said...

I like UR blog ! :D
more more more ! :)
amazing !

follow me and write comment if you want ;***

Renée said...

aw, thank you so much, Martienn!

..R May A.. said...

ooh great post :)
I haven't tried this - definately going to check it out though !! x

Vinda Sonata said...

seems like an amazing new line.
thanks for the great reference!!

Renée said...

you are more than welcome! I just can't get enough of Korres and the way it restored my skin and would love everyone to find something perfect for themselves in their range.

Mimi said...

hi Renee! thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. :)

for writer's block - i suggest making a post about anything under the sun that interests you. it doesn't have to be about a beauty product or anything like that. it can be about a song, clothes, an actor/actress - anything really. just something that you would have fun with. hope i helped. :D

<3, Mimi

martienna said...

ou, UR blog is amazing ! :P
i like it !
more more !!

if U want follow me and write comment ;**


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