Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sephora Birthday Haul

I have a weakness - as soon as I get a gift card I feel a rush to empty it up, I've always done that and it mostly doesn't bother me :)

And I also don't think I should be on the loose in Sephora. It costs!

So initially I came for a Korres Yogurt face cream. 

Being a make up junkie I specialize in skincare items :) So when I find something that works wonders on my skin (Korres Wild Rose regimen - a miracle I tell you) all I want is to get something even better. My skin is oily-combination but since it's extremely dehydrated I prefer using  regimens for a normal/dry skin in this time of year. So when I found out that my beloved Korres has got a cream for an oily and dehydrated skin I knew I will get it some time. 
So when I got to Sephora and saw they had a kit that was only $10 more than a cream itself, I figured out that "sometime" has come.
As you can see It has also got a full size hydrating mask and a travel sized white tea cleanser (which I LOVE) and a primrose eye cream.
Here's what they look like 
(cream is on the left)

I have a feeling that a mask is going to be great used after a harsh exfoliation. But there's only one way to find it out. 
My skin doesn't seem to love me lately, so I break out like a teenager. I've been good with is and now it's time for some serious measures. he-he-he-he 

Hope this kid will help me threatening my skin. I rather like Murad mask that I have, so I figured out it won't hurt to try their spot treatment. It has got 3.0% Sulfur in it which sounds like a fresh break from Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic acid. Evil break outs, beware ;)
And I wouldn't be myself if I left Sephora without a polish (I manage to resist it while shopping online, but if I get to an actual store, I just can't help myself). My choice fell on Sephora by OPI Under My Trench Coat.
It's gorgeous taupe nude color with gold/silver shimmer to it. I can't figure which one of them as it always seems different depending on the light. It might be both.


Café Bellini said...

That taupe nail varnish is lovely! It's a lot like the chanel particuliere that I'm loving at the moment!

Renee said...

I don't own Particulier but if Milani Teddy Bare is really it's dupe as it is said to be, then Under my trench coat is a lot lighter in real life (about 4 shades at least).

Mimi said...

i could spend hours in sephora! great buys! :D

<3, Mimi

Rakhshanda said...

Hey great haul!! Great picks and lovely blog...Try checking out mine.

Renee said...

@ Mimi - So can I. And I actually did, my poor fiancée almost fell asleep in a car while waiting for me - I promised to come in just for a face cream, so he preferred to stay in the car, oops :) what can I say - time flies on a different pace in Sephora

Renee said...

@ Rakhshanda Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely words! I sure will! ;)

ifoundpablo said...

That nailpolish looks great on you! I also like Murad as a brand - I think they produce good quality products.

shineyglam said...

I found your blog and i like it, im following!

Renee said...

@ ifoundpablo thank you! I agree on Murad, though I only tried two of their products - I totally loved both of them. Do you have any recommendations on what to try next?

Renee said...

@ shineyglam Hi and thank you for joining me in my ramblings ;)

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