Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review: Revlon DoubleTwist mascara

I feel like this product is not getting enough love in the beauty community. And is also getting too much hate. In my opinion it is totally undeserved.

Everyone kept saying that it clumps on a wand. This is true, you can see it for yourself
But if you look closer you'll see that all the clumps are in the natural bristles level. So it just applies product on the lashes and the artificial bristles brush everything through.
Here's what you get as an end result
It does clump up a little bit and is not very buildable. But once you let it air dry for a couple of weeks here's what it turns out to be

very clean, separated  and elongated lashes.

I am not saying that it is my HG mascara or that it stands out from other drugstore ones. But is it pretty good. DoubleTwist doesn't smudge or fall out, stays on all day. It doesn't keep a curl that well though. So if you got it and didn't like it, don't through it away just yet. Let it air-dry and try it once again.

Do you know any product that is obviously being treated wrong in your opinion?


Crystal said...

one of my clients had this mascara. i used it on her and it really was clumpy. i don't know why she bought it to begin with. i'm glad to know it becomes better with time though.

Renee said...

may be she was like me - desperate for a drugstore haul fix? I love trying out new over-the-counter mascaras - as they are chip and can turn out to be good, but as most of them test on animals - all I'm left with is Revlon and Almay :)

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

I've never tried this but the results are pretty good to me.

Renee said...

Hi Becky!
exactly! back in the days when I was using Voluminous it used to clump on me a lot, but just because it was THE mascara, I tried my best to make it work (and I did, but it took me a month) and I think so did many girls. And with this one everyone seems to be "oh, double twist, I knew you would fail me - everyone said so" and never try it again

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