Thursday, October 7, 2010

NOTD: NYC Flat Iron Green

To be honest I am not a fan of dark blue or green nails. Occasionally I paint my nails in a navy color but mostly every time wipe it off by the end of the day. It just doesn't feel like one of my colors.

Ever since OPI came up Here today Aragon tomorrow I've been very curious about a rich forest green color on my nails. I know there is a Revlon version of it - but I don't like their dark polishes- they seem to lack shine and look flat, and today wandering around my CVS I saw Milani release one and right away - NYC.

NYC is a fool-proof for me- you can't go wrong spending $2 on a polish, even if I don't like a color I use it for mixing a new one. And if I do like the it I can look for a better quality one. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet

this is how it look most of the time

and this is Flat Iron Green under a bright lightening

So far I like it on my nails. And I love the formulation it's creamy and smooth - it may be just me, but they seem to have improved it since I bought it last time a year ago. And it's shinier in real life then in pictures - I don't know why the gloss doesn't show up on the camera? I thought the flash would make it look even better.

Who knows - may be the staying power will turn out to be better as well. We shall see.
Any recommendations on any new colors worth experimenting with?

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Marie said...

I like NYC nail polishes too.:D

That green sure is lovely for fall, interesting shade.:D

***** Marie *****

Fern said...

I love the NYC nail polishes, I have one in a cherry red/pink colour, and their so cheap! xx

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