Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eyes or Lips?

The truth is - I have always been the "eyes" girl. I don't wear lipstick on a constant basis and most of the time leave the house without any on. I might apply it during the day but chances are small. And even if I do - most likely I will go nude or natural.

But as far as I managed to notice - this fall is all about lips. I still think the natural lips are a way to go- and don't get me wrong- I am not talking about ghost-pale-lighter-then-a-skin-tone lips.
But this pics make me double think my decision: 
All pictures are courtesy of, but found via Google pictures, so I am not sure who I should give a credit to

What do you think, ladies?


Savannah said...

I'm an eyes girl all the way. I have naturally corally/red lips so I find that lipsticks aren't my favorite thing! Love the pictures!


anamika said...

I love both..when i am in hurry i go for dark lips and when time permits me its always eye make up.

..R May A.. said...

I'm an eyes girl too - applying lipstick doesn't appeal to me too much but the pictures look gorgeous - i might branch out this fall and try to pay as much attention to my lips as i do to my eyes x

Marcy said...

I love these looks!!


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