Friday, October 29, 2010

TAG: 40 things

So here it is, my tag-o-mania in action, as I warned you

-How many times do you wash your face daily? Twice
-What skin type do you have?  Combination/sensitive
-What is your current facial wash? Korres White Tea Cleanser
-Do you exfoliate? Yes.  Twice a week
-What brand do you use to exfoliate? I use Clean and Clear exfoliating cleanser with benzoyl peroxide twice a week – I had it for a long time but as a cleanser it is waaay too harsh for me. I have found a new purpose for it quite recently (Clean and Clear tests on animals, so beware, I have decided to use it up as I already had it, but would not consider repurchasing)
-What moisturizer do you use? Korres Yougurt cream and Wild rose one
-Do you have freckles? nope
-Do you use eye cream? Yep, Korres Evening Primrose Eye cream (can you guess my favourite skincare brand :))
-Do you or did you have acne prone skin? Yep!
-Did you ever use Pro-activ? Nop, none of my friend think much of it, so I never bother trying.


-What foundation do you use? Korres Ginger and Vitamins foundation
-And what concealer? Elf for the corners of my nose and an ancient Peach Edelstar pencil concealer for dark circles.
-What is your undertone color? Olive I guess, but in some lines its golden
-What do you think of false eyelashes?  I love how they look on people who CAN put them on properly. But I never tried them for myself, I’m scared to look like a doll
-Do you change your mascara every 3 months?  I stick to the 6 month rule or as soon as it starts to flake. I think that 3 month is a marketing trick.
-What brand of mascara do you use? Right now its Revlon, Bare Essentials and Sephora
-Sephora or MAC? Sephora, all the way!
-Do you have a MAC Pro-card? Nope, I don’t even own any MAC product. I made an attempt (I fell in love with Shy Girl lipstick), but something went wrong with my order (twice!) so I just cancelled it in the end.
-What makeup tools do you use in makeup application? Fingers and brushes
-Do you use make-up primer for the eyes? When I need to last my shadows more than usual  
-Primer for the face? Only Murad Oil-free mattifier which isn’t technically a primer
-What is your favourite eye shadow? Korres Shimmering Base and NARS Bali (yes, I am that boring)
-Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner? Normally pencil. I am horrible at liquid liners but still sometimes I opt for them.
-How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil? Less than I used to, if I do – it’s a pencil 90% of a time – I still mess up lining my upper water line.
-What do you think of pigment eye shadows? I have only owned one – a Bourjois loose ES – they are definitely not  for me – I always had it all over the counter
-Do you like mineral makeup? I use BE foundation is late spring/summer period. All the other time it seems to irritate my skin a lot!
-What is your favourite lipstick? Umm... right now it would be Revlon Primrose
-Favourite lip gloss? Deborah Volume in an unknown color (see it here)
-What is your favourite blush? Don’t laugh at me, but I only have one – Sonia Kashuk in Melon. I quite like it, though
-Do you buy your makeup on eBay? No, I don’t trust it
-Do you like drugstore makeup? Oh, yes!! I adore it!
-Do you go to CCO's? Been there once, bought nothing, hated an “old store” smell
-Would you ever consider taking make-up classes? May be, that would be a lot of fun, but I don’t see myself as a MA
-Are you clumsy in putting on makeup? Absolutely
-Name a make-up crime that you hate? Too noticeably drawn brows with a load of shimmering highlighter underneath. And anything unblended
-Do you like colourful shades of makeup or neutral ones? Neutral, definitely neutral. I can wear a darker or brighter lip stick sometimes, but all my ES a neutral.
-If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item, what would you use? Foundation.
-Do you ever leave the house without any makeup on? On my lazy days I dust a powder all over, not too look shiny and go!
-Do you think you look good even without any makeup on? It depend on my mood and on my skin’s mood :)
-In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line? Korres
-What do you think of Makeup? I love it! It can make you look better and what’s more important feel better about yourself, be more confident. But it can be tricky in the unskilled arms :) (we’ve all been there)
I tag everyone who wants to do this and especially

And Marie

Stay healthy!

Who could have thought

Today I woke up with a terrible cold - not the "I sneeze and cough" one, but "I can't even get up from my bed and every muscle in my body aches" one. And I don't even want to mention how bad my sinus is.

Turns out there is one easy way to figure out that your're really sick.

I wanted to use an online shopping as a quick pick me up and guess what - I spent 40 minutes on and I WANT NOTHING! And taking the fact that I could have taken advantage of their FF sale, you get the picture.

As I am stuck in my bed I might post a bunch of tags, as I am running low on the unwatched episodes of CSI. So beware, ladies. And I apologize if I get "too excited" about posting. I will try to behave, but who knows!

P.S. The pic is from Google images

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eyes or Lips?

The truth is - I have always been the "eyes" girl. I don't wear lipstick on a constant basis and most of the time leave the house without any on. I might apply it during the day but chances are small. And even if I do - most likely I will go nude or natural.

But as far as I managed to notice - this fall is all about lips. I still think the natural lips are a way to go- and don't get me wrong- I am not talking about ghost-pale-lighter-then-a-skin-tone lips.
But this pics make me double think my decision: 
All pictures are courtesy of, but found via Google pictures, so I am not sure who I should give a credit to

What do you think, ladies?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

NOTD: Orly La Playa

Despite the fact that I don't feel blue hues on my nails, yesterday I opted for Orly La Playa - a navy but bright color.

Add to that my "gypsy" phase, meaning I have a bunch of bracelets and at least 5 rings on - and you get my "happy week-end" look!
Enjoy your Sunday, while it still lasts

xoxo, lovelies!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sharing some love

Lately I just can't get enough of this song
I accidentally came across it and now I'm in love. It brings so much peace and harmony to me. Hope it will do the same to you.

Lamb - Gabriel

xoxo, me

My sister went to Accessorize

There' nothing good in living 5 000 away from your family. But they can treat you with lovely little things you can't get hold of where you live. This is how I got stocked up on my Deborah products and now it's time to get some jewelery :)))))

Aren't they simply gorgeous? I get happy just looking at them. The earrings, however, can be a trouble if you're running around (I don't actually run, but I walk A LOT, and most of the time I am in a hurry)  in windy weather. I had to take them off once.

Korres gifts I can't get enough of

To be honest I have strange relationships with my birthday - I always desperately expect it as a 5-year-old-girl, but I don't like the exact day. It just never turns out to be the way I want it to be. But I do love getting presents, whatever they turn out to be, that being said, I love giving presents even more.

So as some of you might know I am addicted to Korres. And one of my friends has treated me with a nice gift. Korres Multivitamin Powder in MVP1 and an shimmering eye-shadow in Base. I ADORE both!

First of all, the powder - BEST FINISHING POWDER I have ever used. You can't see it, it leaves no trace but matte finish on your skin. I believe that this is a genuine soul match for their Ginger and Vitamin foundation. I loved everything about it but it needs to be set and all the other powders I used for it turned out to be noticeable.

A swatch - is actually useless as it mostly translucent. And as it is a finishing powder I don't think you can use it on it's own, unless you have a perfect skin and all you need  is a bit of color and matte finish.

Korres shimmering eye shadow in 12S Base

I know I should have made a picture when it was new, but I started playing with it literally the second I got it.

Unfortunately, the camera (or my lack of talent to work with it) doesn't show all the beauty. It's a light taupe shadow with pink shimmer! Amazing! I always wanted to be able to wear pink on my lids without looking ill and this shadow does the trick a 100%!!!
A swatch is mostly useless as I forgot to make it in a daylight and the flashes washes it off. But anyways
(I have no idea why the pic is upside down. apparently, blogger likes it better this way, oh well)

I would recommend you getting both of then is you get a chance!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sephora Birthday Haul

I have a weakness - as soon as I get a gift card I feel a rush to empty it up, I've always done that and it mostly doesn't bother me :)

And I also don't think I should be on the loose in Sephora. It costs!

So initially I came for a Korres Yogurt face cream. 

Being a make up junkie I specialize in skincare items :) So when I find something that works wonders on my skin (Korres Wild Rose regimen - a miracle I tell you) all I want is to get something even better. My skin is oily-combination but since it's extremely dehydrated I prefer using  regimens for a normal/dry skin in this time of year. So when I found out that my beloved Korres has got a cream for an oily and dehydrated skin I knew I will get it some time. 
So when I got to Sephora and saw they had a kit that was only $10 more than a cream itself, I figured out that "sometime" has come.
As you can see It has also got a full size hydrating mask and a travel sized white tea cleanser (which I LOVE) and a primrose eye cream.
Here's what they look like 
(cream is on the left)

I have a feeling that a mask is going to be great used after a harsh exfoliation. But there's only one way to find it out. 
My skin doesn't seem to love me lately, so I break out like a teenager. I've been good with is and now it's time for some serious measures. he-he-he-he 

Hope this kid will help me threatening my skin. I rather like Murad mask that I have, so I figured out it won't hurt to try their spot treatment. It has got 3.0% Sulfur in it which sounds like a fresh break from Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic acid. Evil break outs, beware ;)
And I wouldn't be myself if I left Sephora without a polish (I manage to resist it while shopping online, but if I get to an actual store, I just can't help myself). My choice fell on Sephora by OPI Under My Trench Coat.
It's gorgeous taupe nude color with gold/silver shimmer to it. I can't figure which one of them as it always seems different depending on the light. It might be both.

Walgeen's Haul

So I went shopping, what an unusual thing for me to do:)

I've been tempted to buy a new Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in number 668 Primrose  ever since I saw it in my local CVS about two weeks ago. But I figured out that I can live without it. Now when I saw that it was on sale in Walgreen's for $5.99 instead of $7.99 and they had a buy one get one 50% off and I already had a polish in my hands I knew it was meant to be ;) It's a gorgeous blue-toned pink and it looks like this

And here's a swatch

The polish I'm talking about is Revlon Silver, which is actually a grey cream. I've been on a hunt for a plain grey polish for about a year now, so Yaaay!!! On the camera it seems to have a blue tint to it and in real life doesn't, well at least in a rainy day light.

Biore face strips are something I'm planning to tryout for the first time - my skin is extremely sensitive, and I've always steered clear from everything that might irritate it, but my nose seems to be a tough cookie so I decided to experiment, we shall see!

So I guess this is it!

stay tuned for a Sephora mostly skin care haul!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy birthday to me

So this is me, celebrating 25 years of life.
That's it - I have officially entered an "anti-aging" products age :)

Friday, October 8, 2010


Dear everyone

Lately I've been contemplating on buying/getting as a birthday gift a Clarisonic Mia. What are your experiences with it? Do you have any recommendations/suggestions? Is it worth splurging on?

can't wait for your answers,


Thursday, October 7, 2010

NOTD: NYC Flat Iron Green

To be honest I am not a fan of dark blue or green nails. Occasionally I paint my nails in a navy color but mostly every time wipe it off by the end of the day. It just doesn't feel like one of my colors.

Ever since OPI came up Here today Aragon tomorrow I've been very curious about a rich forest green color on my nails. I know there is a Revlon version of it - but I don't like their dark polishes- they seem to lack shine and look flat, and today wandering around my CVS I saw Milani release one and right away - NYC.

NYC is a fool-proof for me- you can't go wrong spending $2 on a polish, even if I don't like a color I use it for mixing a new one. And if I do like the it I can look for a better quality one. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet

this is how it look most of the time

and this is Flat Iron Green under a bright lightening

So far I like it on my nails. And I love the formulation it's creamy and smooth - it may be just me, but they seem to have improved it since I bought it last time a year ago. And it's shinier in real life then in pictures - I don't know why the gloss doesn't show up on the camera? I thought the flash would make it look even better.

Who knows - may be the staying power will turn out to be better as well. We shall see.
Any recommendations on any new colors worth experimenting with?

thanks for stopping by,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review: Revlon DoubleTwist mascara

I feel like this product is not getting enough love in the beauty community. And is also getting too much hate. In my opinion it is totally undeserved.

Everyone kept saying that it clumps on a wand. This is true, you can see it for yourself
But if you look closer you'll see that all the clumps are in the natural bristles level. So it just applies product on the lashes and the artificial bristles brush everything through.
Here's what you get as an end result
It does clump up a little bit and is not very buildable. But once you let it air dry for a couple of weeks here's what it turns out to be

very clean, separated  and elongated lashes.

I am not saying that it is my HG mascara or that it stands out from other drugstore ones. But is it pretty good. DoubleTwist doesn't smudge or fall out, stays on all day. It doesn't keep a curl that well though. So if you got it and didn't like it, don't through it away just yet. Let it air-dry and try it once again.

Do you know any product that is obviously being treated wrong in your opinion?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dr. Bronner's Lemon Lime Organic Lip Balm

No matter how lovely my current routine is I am always in the hunt for something new and, preferably, better. And so I bought this lovely miracle in my local Target for $2.99. They also had it in peppermint, but to be honest I don't really like peppermint flavor in cosmetic products as it tend to be either overpowering or painfully artificial. 

Looking for a proper description on their official site, I found out that they also have an orange ginger(no that sounds tempting) and "naked" (I guess this means unscented) flavors.

So basically, it's a clear balm that has naturally smelling lime flavor and a slightly glossy finish, it moisturizes and nourishes even the driest and chapped lips in no time, as soon as you apply it you feel a soothing effect, and when used overnight it gives you soft and plump lips (it doesn't affect the size of lips, it just evens out texture getting rid of dry patches).

It is Certified Under the USDA National Organic Program and involves no animal testing.

As I already said it is waaaay better then EOS lip balm and the only thing they have in common is their organic origin.

If you're on the hunt I advice you to check this one out and don't forget to share your opinion with me.

Chao, ladies

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