Saturday, September 4, 2010

Review: Korres Wild Rose foundation in WRF2


And now onto the details
Korres Wild Rose Foundation WRF1 

I've never come across to a foundation which can come close to this one. If you manage to get it color match you you won't be able to see is on your skin and saying this I would like to mention that it would provide you with a strong medium coverage - no redness will be showing through, but you might have to conceal some dark spots if your skin is prone to scarring like mine.

I find that it's better to set it with a powder but this is up to your preferences, skin type and humidity. I get shiny in 2 hours if I don't set it.

When applying you should blend it right away on the spot you applied it as this foundation dries super fast. Once  blended it leaves no streaks and doesn't cake up at all even if you layer it.

Aside to lovely coverage and a fairly good long lasting power (6-7 hours then it starts to fade - which for me is a lot) Wild Rose foundation heals your skin. Literally! I love how my skin feels after I take it off. Unlike most of the foundations it doesn't dry up my skin and give me whiteheads on cheeks - and it also hydrates my face during the day so after I wash off my makeup my skin is not red, bumpy and all that jazz (if you have sensitive skin you'll know what I mean).

However it does have one HUGE downside. As it's originally formulated for Mediterranean skin types (which by the way I refer myself to as my maternal greatfather is Greek, hence my olive undertones) it starts off from rather dark and intense pigmented colors. The litest ones are WRF1 and WRF2.

WRF1 (and all odd shades) - is richly pink which if you have pink undertones and a sun-kissed complexion will provide you with a very healthy look. WRF2 (and all even shades)- the one that I use - has a lot of yellow-orange hue to it, it makes tanned olive toned skin look its best BUT only as long as you're dark enough! If you happen to become A BIT FAIR then it takes - you'll end up being YELLOW. I find that this shade is a lot like Medium Beige in bare Minerals.

Dear Korres, if you happen to read this please-please-please come up with a couple less yellow or pink toned shades.

Sorry for a long post. In case you don't feel like reading it all up, here's the SUMMARY

Great foundation with buildable coverage and really flawless finish. Dries super fast so you have to blend in step by step. For combination and oily skin I definitely recommend to set it with a powder. If you happen to be more fair then the foundation it is most likely to make you look orange or pink depending on the undertones.       

If you want to be nice to your skin and it happens to color match you, try it out!


Supergirl said...

I want to try that foundation!!

Renée said...

If you have a store near you to color-match it first - I definitely recommend doing that! I don't think it can disappoint you.

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