Saturday, September 11, 2010

Review: Korres Bronze and protect trio in Sunglow Light

As some of you might know I had purchased some Korres products recently (and them a little bit more, but let's not talk about it now :))).

Today I would like to review their summer trio that I find can be well loved even when the summer is over.

On Korres site it retails for $28 - and is you buy only a bronzer or only a tinted moisturizer you pay the same money for EACH of them, plus the mini primer is worth $10. Actually I was planning on getting only a bronzer, but later discovered this one. That would be stupid of me not to take advantage of this. Using promo-codes you can get a free shipping and a 25% discount which sounds like a marvelous bargain for me.  The codes are always different - now it's SAVE25 and it's valid until September, 30th. (And just to make it clear I am not affiliated with Korres, I simply adore their products and want to share it with you).

Watermelon tinted moisturizer SPF 30 in 01 Sand

This is the first tinted moisturizer I own. I don't remember my skin to be good enough to get away with a sheer coverage so I never even thought of going in that direction. Originally when getting this trio I thought I would use it as an SPF under my foundation. But it turned out to do the trick all by itself.

I apologize if it grosses anyone out - but I thought it to be good to show what this product does so I picked a place on my hand with a scratch (my cat doesn't like to get her claws trimmed and always makes sure to point it out, hence the scratch).

And this is it blended out (both pictures made with no flash)

I haven't had many foundations with such a good coverage. Dries super fast, so you have to blend it step by step and not spread it all over your face and then blend. It dries up to a finish that reminded me of a ColorStay.

But for me it looks completely unbuildable if I happen to apply more it would start to cake up around my nose and blemishes and it would transform from a skin-matching color to a typical "look I slapped a pound of foundation on" color. 

All in all - it's a very good foundation but I guess due to an SPF its not as wonderful as other Korres foundations to your skin (and as they say one gets used to good things very fast), I find that this tinted moisturizer despite it's name doesn't live my skin soft after I take it off.  

I recommend to use it if you are prone to scarring and would like to speed up the process. I found that if a scar catches the sun it stays dark for a longer period of time. With this one you do both at the same moment  - conceal existing redness and prevent future scarring.

Monoi Oil Bronzer in 01 Sunglow Light

A very nice bronzer with a subtle sheen which you can't even see. It's got warm undertones so if it color-matches your skin it will give you a healthy glow.

Vitamin E oil-free and silicone face primer

I've never used a primer before as my skin doesn't bare silicone and then again I don't believe much in face primer. Basically it's a white cream that comes off sheer. With this one I don't find that it affects foundation's staying power in any way, but it IS moisturizing and keeps me less shiny (not matte) through out the day. 

I would not advice to use it with their watermelon tinted moisturizer, at least on me they crease when applied together. Bit it works great with other foundations.


EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

Hey Renee, thanks for doing this review. I'm actually looking into trying out some korres stuff and this really helps a lot.

by the way, thanks for stopping by my blog.

Renee said...

You're more then welcome
if you're planning to get just one product so far, try their vitamin and ginger foundation, by far it's the best one I've tried (a review is on it's way)

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