Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bet you didn't think it's possible to ramble about one haul that much?! ;)

It's been a rather busy and at the same time boring week for me, so I decided (and not once) to spice things up with shopping. I am a hopeless case, I know (: And I also missed blogging a lot! To be honest I didn't think I got that attached to posting my humble thoughts!

So here are the pretty little things that I got (and this sentence made me realize - I miss Pretty Little Liars, anyone with me?).

The Body Shop DeoDry - Dry effect deodorant

I used the pink version this summer, so this one is a repurchase - I love how it works and smells  - of a subtle rosy fragrance (or at least I think so) - to be honest I can't bare the powder smells in deodorants for some reason.  I also got a roll-on version in clean and zesty - its a citrus-y herbal bitter scent- it's reminds me of tea tree oil (but it doesn't smell of it). So if you are like me and love tea tree oil - I would say go for it. But I can easily see how it's going to be difficult to blend if with my perfume. Oh, well... I'll think of something. Oh, yeah and the original reason for the purchase was that it's aluminium free (which is always good, especially for us, ladies).

Boots Botanics Conditioning clay mask with burdock

I've been wanting a clay mask for what it seems forever. A month ago I got a two-time sample of Boscia Black mask which is also a peel-off one. I liked what it did to my pores. And yes it did break me out, I am not sure either it pulled out the impurities or it was simply too strong (as I find most of peel-off masks are to a sensitive skin). So I decided not to risk and went on a hunt for a wash-off one.
I still love the Botanics Rosewater Toner (which I rambled about here). So as soon as I saw they had a clay mask I had to get my hands on it.
I've already used it as a spot treatment and I LOVED IT, it dried up blemishes. Of course they didn't vanish overnight (which is unfortunately, impossible), but they turned much more manageable.

Boots Rose Vanishing Day cream

Korres Wild Rose 24-hour moisturizer works wonders for my skin, but for me it's a bit too thick to be used under a foundation. I've been wanting a lighter version of it, so when I saw that Boots have a vanishing cream based on Rose and Olive oil I decided to give it a try. It also doesn't have much chemicals in it, bot Boots and Korres used to be pharmacies back in the days and I could also find lots of other good things to justify getting a new skin care item.
I've been using it for three days. So far no break outs or any other downsides are found.

Dr Bronner's Magic Organic lip balm

One of the best balms I've ever used. Light, healing, moisturizing, protecting, tasty, amazing and so on!
Definitely recommend this one. Waaaaay better than EOS, to be honest I can't even compare, except, they are both organic. Stay tuned for a separate post on this one.

ELF Blush and Bronzer duo and a concealer

I have finally embraced my curiosity for this brand. And I should say I am pleasantly surprised. Who said bandwagon???

Milani polishes in Bare in Mind and Hot flash

Swatches are on their way!

That's all folks! Missed you very much!

XOXO, me!

P.S feel free to request a review


Steph xox said...

Really would like to try the elf blush/bronzer..might get this myself.

Renee said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by
It is surprisingly pigmented and has as much shimmer as I can bare, and what's even better, if you blend, the shimmer comes off a little bit. However it feels a little itchy on my skin but doesn't seem to break me out though

Charming Vanity said...

I love the ELF blush/bronzer duo..they're soooo handy. Hope u enjoyed it. =)


Savannah said...

I want the ELF bronzer/blusher duo but the only way to get it is to order offline and I don't want to pay 7 bucks for shipping!


Renee said...

Savannah, are you sure that your local Target doesn't have it? mine does stock up on it periodically

Savannah said...

It doesn't have ANY ELF stuff, I don't know why! Last year around Christmas they had some of their stuff but after that it was all gone.

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