Saturday, September 4, 2010

August Favourites

Good afternoon dear lovelies!

My camera has decided to temporary abandon me, so we'll have to deal with a post spiced up with some Google images, but luckily I have pictured most of my products before :))))

My first and most favorite favorite (good English I know) is Korres Wild Rose foundation in WRF2

I love August also because I usually get tanned enough to pull this one off. My complete review on this one you can read here.

Milani Teddy Bare and Bare to Wear have been my most used polishes so far. I don't own Chanel's Particuliere to compare them myself, but rumor has it that they are exactly the same with Teddy Bare.

Bare to wear is a more unique one it an opaque light taupe which is very hard to find. Some people say that it's a lot like Essie Chinchilly but with a better formulation, but once again I can't compare them myself.

I also finally joined the team and fell in love with my Lash Blast

I does come close to my beloved Hypnose but I find that it starts to fade after it's a month old.

EDIT: Unfortunately as I just learned Cover Girl still tests on animals (and I read the opposite thing before), so from now on we'll part our ways

I still love my blush and lip balm from my previous favorites. But the four product mentioned above really stood out in August.


Martha said...

I want to buy Teddy Bare but I can not find it anywhere. It's a great color for fall!

follow back?

Renee said...

Hi Martha!

Thanks for stopping by! try your local CVS- I heard they are the only ones to have them displayed

Marie said...

Nice favorites!:D

Thanks for stopping by my blog.:D Here's the link to the earrings:

I am your newest follower!:D

***** Marie *****

Charming Vanity said...

I love the nail polishes. Have never tried cover girl lash blast since the brand is not available in my country. But it seems to be such a great mascara. Anyway great post!

Thanks for sharing.


Renee said...

Thank you!
Unfortunately as I just learned Cover Girl still tests on animals (and I read the opposite thing before), so from now on we'll part our ways

Taj Acosta said...

I want that foundation now! and I love the nail colors! Loving your blog doll and following you now ;) xoxo

Beauty Style Addict said...

i was interested in trying the lash blast as well; and like you i did not know they tested on animals!
thanks for that great bit of information hun :)

Renee said...

@ Beauty Style Addict - you are more than welcome!
right now I'm testing out a Revlon mascara. Hope it won't turn out to be tested on animals. Though I read many times that Revlon is well-behaved in this question

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