Thursday, September 30, 2010

Korres Sunflower and evening primrose shimmering eye shadows

I got them about a month ago and loved them right away. Don't know what took me so long to share this with you.

For some reason their packaging was different, but I like even better. I got two shades: 24s Gold
and 27S Golden Bronze

The colors themselves are great - they are supper pigmented (but lighter than you can assume from their names)  and shimmery but not glittery at all (if it makes any sense), hence no fallouts.

The formulation is really nice, almost creamy (I would compare it to NARS eyeshadow quality). To be honest I didn't expect it to be that good.

An other great thing is that they are formulated with natural extracts and contain Evening Primrose and Sunflower oil. It's always good to treat your eyes with something natural.

Oh, and when I bough them they were reduced on Korres website  to $7.

In case you're wondering the nail polish featuring in this post is Milani Bare to Wear, which under some lighting may also look like this

Have a lovely night, my lovelies!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bet you didn't think it's possible to ramble about one haul that much?! ;)

It's been a rather busy and at the same time boring week for me, so I decided (and not once) to spice things up with shopping. I am a hopeless case, I know (: And I also missed blogging a lot! To be honest I didn't think I got that attached to posting my humble thoughts!

So here are the pretty little things that I got (and this sentence made me realize - I miss Pretty Little Liars, anyone with me?).

The Body Shop DeoDry - Dry effect deodorant

I used the pink version this summer, so this one is a repurchase - I love how it works and smells  - of a subtle rosy fragrance (or at least I think so) - to be honest I can't bare the powder smells in deodorants for some reason.  I also got a roll-on version in clean and zesty - its a citrus-y herbal bitter scent- it's reminds me of tea tree oil (but it doesn't smell of it). So if you are like me and love tea tree oil - I would say go for it. But I can easily see how it's going to be difficult to blend if with my perfume. Oh, well... I'll think of something. Oh, yeah and the original reason for the purchase was that it's aluminium free (which is always good, especially for us, ladies).

Boots Botanics Conditioning clay mask with burdock

I've been wanting a clay mask for what it seems forever. A month ago I got a two-time sample of Boscia Black mask which is also a peel-off one. I liked what it did to my pores. And yes it did break me out, I am not sure either it pulled out the impurities or it was simply too strong (as I find most of peel-off masks are to a sensitive skin). So I decided not to risk and went on a hunt for a wash-off one.
I still love the Botanics Rosewater Toner (which I rambled about here). So as soon as I saw they had a clay mask I had to get my hands on it.
I've already used it as a spot treatment and I LOVED IT, it dried up blemishes. Of course they didn't vanish overnight (which is unfortunately, impossible), but they turned much more manageable.

Boots Rose Vanishing Day cream

Korres Wild Rose 24-hour moisturizer works wonders for my skin, but for me it's a bit too thick to be used under a foundation. I've been wanting a lighter version of it, so when I saw that Boots have a vanishing cream based on Rose and Olive oil I decided to give it a try. It also doesn't have much chemicals in it, bot Boots and Korres used to be pharmacies back in the days and I could also find lots of other good things to justify getting a new skin care item.
I've been using it for three days. So far no break outs or any other downsides are found.

Dr Bronner's Magic Organic lip balm

One of the best balms I've ever used. Light, healing, moisturizing, protecting, tasty, amazing and so on!
Definitely recommend this one. Waaaaay better than EOS, to be honest I can't even compare, except, they are both organic. Stay tuned for a separate post on this one.

ELF Blush and Bronzer duo and a concealer

I have finally embraced my curiosity for this brand. And I should say I am pleasantly surprised. Who said bandwagon???

Milani polishes in Bare in Mind and Hot flash

Swatches are on their way!

That's all folks! Missed you very much!

XOXO, me!

P.S feel free to request a review

Friday, September 17, 2010

NOTD Milani Dot com

Hello everyone

I am not even going to mention that blogger has once again decided to rotate my picture.
Please meet  a new Milani Nail Polish in 175 Dot Com. It's a lovely dirty purple with pink and gold shimmer. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? :)

Here's what it looks like on the nails

Unlike it's elder sister's Milani's shimmers do show up on your nails. Pink under one angle, gold under another and all of them under a direct sunlight.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank you

As of today I have 50 amazing people following my blog. I know in most blogger numbers this is really small but for me is a lot. I didn't even hope to get half of this amount when I was taking my passion for makeup and skincare to the world out there.

50 people that I've never met and didn't know about just 2 months ago took time to follow me and thank you-thank you-thank you for it and especially for your lovely comments. Every time I see I have a new comment feels like I get a little gift. I know you all have different reasons to join my blog, but I am really grateful to each and everyone. And if you don't follow me, thank you for stopping by!

Hope you are having an amazing week, ladies!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Review: Korres Bronze and protect trio in Sunglow Light

As some of you might know I had purchased some Korres products recently (and them a little bit more, but let's not talk about it now :))).

Today I would like to review their summer trio that I find can be well loved even when the summer is over.

On Korres site it retails for $28 - and is you buy only a bronzer or only a tinted moisturizer you pay the same money for EACH of them, plus the mini primer is worth $10. Actually I was planning on getting only a bronzer, but later discovered this one. That would be stupid of me not to take advantage of this. Using promo-codes you can get a free shipping and a 25% discount which sounds like a marvelous bargain for me.  The codes are always different - now it's SAVE25 and it's valid until September, 30th. (And just to make it clear I am not affiliated with Korres, I simply adore their products and want to share it with you).

Watermelon tinted moisturizer SPF 30 in 01 Sand

This is the first tinted moisturizer I own. I don't remember my skin to be good enough to get away with a sheer coverage so I never even thought of going in that direction. Originally when getting this trio I thought I would use it as an SPF under my foundation. But it turned out to do the trick all by itself.

I apologize if it grosses anyone out - but I thought it to be good to show what this product does so I picked a place on my hand with a scratch (my cat doesn't like to get her claws trimmed and always makes sure to point it out, hence the scratch).

And this is it blended out (both pictures made with no flash)

I haven't had many foundations with such a good coverage. Dries super fast, so you have to blend it step by step and not spread it all over your face and then blend. It dries up to a finish that reminded me of a ColorStay.

But for me it looks completely unbuildable if I happen to apply more it would start to cake up around my nose and blemishes and it would transform from a skin-matching color to a typical "look I slapped a pound of foundation on" color. 

All in all - it's a very good foundation but I guess due to an SPF its not as wonderful as other Korres foundations to your skin (and as they say one gets used to good things very fast), I find that this tinted moisturizer despite it's name doesn't live my skin soft after I take it off.  

I recommend to use it if you are prone to scarring and would like to speed up the process. I found that if a scar catches the sun it stays dark for a longer period of time. With this one you do both at the same moment  - conceal existing redness and prevent future scarring.

Monoi Oil Bronzer in 01 Sunglow Light

A very nice bronzer with a subtle sheen which you can't even see. It's got warm undertones so if it color-matches your skin it will give you a healthy glow.

Vitamin E oil-free and silicone face primer

I've never used a primer before as my skin doesn't bare silicone and then again I don't believe much in face primer. Basically it's a white cream that comes off sheer. With this one I don't find that it affects foundation's staying power in any way, but it IS moisturizing and keeps me less shiny (not matte) through out the day. 

I would not advice to use it with their watermelon tinted moisturizer, at least on me they crease when applied together. Bit it works great with other foundations.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

August Favourites

Good afternoon dear lovelies!

My camera has decided to temporary abandon me, so we'll have to deal with a post spiced up with some Google images, but luckily I have pictured most of my products before :))))

My first and most favorite favorite (good English I know) is Korres Wild Rose foundation in WRF2

I love August also because I usually get tanned enough to pull this one off. My complete review on this one you can read here.

Milani Teddy Bare and Bare to Wear have been my most used polishes so far. I don't own Chanel's Particuliere to compare them myself, but rumor has it that they are exactly the same with Teddy Bare.

Bare to wear is a more unique one it an opaque light taupe which is very hard to find. Some people say that it's a lot like Essie Chinchilly but with a better formulation, but once again I can't compare them myself.

I also finally joined the team and fell in love with my Lash Blast

I does come close to my beloved Hypnose but I find that it starts to fade after it's a month old.

EDIT: Unfortunately as I just learned Cover Girl still tests on animals (and I read the opposite thing before), so from now on we'll part our ways

I still love my blush and lip balm from my previous favorites. But the four product mentioned above really stood out in August.

Review: Korres Wild Rose foundation in WRF2


And now onto the details
Korres Wild Rose Foundation WRF1 

I've never come across to a foundation which can come close to this one. If you manage to get it color match you you won't be able to see is on your skin and saying this I would like to mention that it would provide you with a strong medium coverage - no redness will be showing through, but you might have to conceal some dark spots if your skin is prone to scarring like mine.

I find that it's better to set it with a powder but this is up to your preferences, skin type and humidity. I get shiny in 2 hours if I don't set it.

When applying you should blend it right away on the spot you applied it as this foundation dries super fast. Once  blended it leaves no streaks and doesn't cake up at all even if you layer it.

Aside to lovely coverage and a fairly good long lasting power (6-7 hours then it starts to fade - which for me is a lot) Wild Rose foundation heals your skin. Literally! I love how my skin feels after I take it off. Unlike most of the foundations it doesn't dry up my skin and give me whiteheads on cheeks - and it also hydrates my face during the day so after I wash off my makeup my skin is not red, bumpy and all that jazz (if you have sensitive skin you'll know what I mean).

However it does have one HUGE downside. As it's originally formulated for Mediterranean skin types (which by the way I refer myself to as my maternal greatfather is Greek, hence my olive undertones) it starts off from rather dark and intense pigmented colors. The litest ones are WRF1 and WRF2.

WRF1 (and all odd shades) - is richly pink which if you have pink undertones and a sun-kissed complexion will provide you with a very healthy look. WRF2 (and all even shades)- the one that I use - has a lot of yellow-orange hue to it, it makes tanned olive toned skin look its best BUT only as long as you're dark enough! If you happen to become A BIT FAIR then it takes - you'll end up being YELLOW. I find that this shade is a lot like Medium Beige in bare Minerals.

Dear Korres, if you happen to read this please-please-please come up with a couple less yellow or pink toned shades.

Sorry for a long post. In case you don't feel like reading it all up, here's the SUMMARY

Great foundation with buildable coverage and really flawless finish. Dries super fast so you have to blend in step by step. For combination and oily skin I definitely recommend to set it with a powder. If you happen to be more fair then the foundation it is most likely to make you look orange or pink depending on the undertones.       

If you want to be nice to your skin and it happens to color match you, try it out!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Korres Haul

Now I love Korres even more! Their customer service is super amazing! I made my order on Sunday and got my package on Tuesday. Taking that they work only on week-days it took them one day to process my order, ship and deliver everything! And it was a FREE shipping!

Onto the parcel contents

I got a White Tea Cleanser that I raved about and their bronze and protect set i light - it consists of a mini primer and a full-sized tinted moisturizer and a full-sized bronzer - which is AMAZING! 
stay tuned for separate reviews if you're interested!
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