Monday, August 30, 2010

Target haul

Monday is a hard day. But luckily  there is an easy way to make it better. Get yourself a little bit of shopping.

Wandering around Target I found out that Sonia Kashuk has recently come up with a line of polishes. Or may be my store has just stocked them up. I was good and got myself only two
 A deep Bordeaux color which comes out lighter in pictures in number 15 - Stop whining  and a teal color that is darker and has got a green tint to it in real life in number 14 - Taunting teal. Both seem so pretty, can't wait to use them. The SK polish line also consisted of a taupe color very similar to Milani Teddy Bare (guess they are both inspired by Particuliere), a silver color and a black one. I already have them so this has saved me some money. Each polish is $4.99 and as far as I understand is 3 bad guys free. It doesn't say that directly on the box, but there is no DBP, toluene, formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin in the ingredients list. Yay!! 

I also noticed they were having a great sale on their eye shadow quads ( $3.24 instead of $12.99) sounds like a bargain to me, plus I've wanted to try something else from SK. I went for, surprise-surprise, a neutral one - 

08 Cotton candy quad.

It consists of a light peach, shimmery pale pink, vanilla white and a soft beige-brown color. The texture is a bit rougher then I expected more on a drugstore side. Let me know if you want to see swatches.

Whilst being their I picked up a Revlon Colorstay foundation in 200 Nude (no need to take a picture, we all know how it looks).  It's my second bottle. To be honest I didn't like the first one as it has dried up my skin. But I decided to give it a second try - my skin feels much better now then when I first tried it. And plus, I start to loose my tan, so my beloved Korres Wild Rose foundation in their lightest color for olive-toned skin (which is WRF-2 if you're wondering) is turning too yellow toned for me. I'm going to miss it till I get tanned again. I love it so much, but not that much to sport an oompa-loompa look. We shall see, may be this time Colorstay and I will find our way.


Kristie said...

great haul! How are you liking the varnish so far?

Renee said...

I have applied a couple of hours ago, so far all I can say is that the teal one comes a bit darker on the nails if applied in two coats
You can get away with one - it's got a great coverage - I'm just messy, so I prefer 2 coats (looks more even then)

Mehak said...

That eyeshadow was a steal!!. DO review the varnishes...

Renee said...

sure! I would love to :)

Charming Vanity said...

I like the eyeshadow! Do an eyelook using that. =)


Renee said...

Charming Vanity - sure. I'll post it tomorrow

Beauty Style Addict said...

ooooh i like the colours-- they looks really pwetty :)

btw i just did a review on the chi silk infusion, you can check it out if you like

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