Friday, August 6, 2010

Review: Maybelline Mineral power bronzer in Sunlight Bronze

I came across this bronzer a while ago and ever since it’s been my “go to” product. I think a lot of it and decided to share the love :))

But before posting a review I would like to say that actually I am being very skeptical about drugstore mineral makeup. I feel deceived seeing word “mineral” printed in a large font, while on the bottom of the box you can find out that “this products has minerals added to its formulation for a better performance” (read “to be marketed as mineral makeup”). So I was under no impression that it was going to be as good as bareEssentuals mineral makeup. I picked it up because it has the least amount of sheer in it in comparison to other brands and ended up loving it much more than bE one. To be honest I didn’t like the All Over Color in Warmth that came with a starter kit it was too red toned for me and extremely pigmented so I had to be very careful applying it – while the last thing I want in the morning is to spend 5 minutes on the bronzer itself and still have a risk of looking muddy. And it also made my face itch a couple of hours after application.

So back to the Maybelline one. This is a very subtile bronzer with a very fine shimmer in it. Except for this one all my other bronzers are matte. After a month of a religious use I didn’t find that it breaks me out or affects my skin in any negative way. I mostly apply it to contour my face under the cheek bone or in a 3B way. It blends perfectly and I even start to like shimmer in this bronzer. Although I don’t think I am likely to keep using it through winter – it’s more of a summer glow for me.

The brush that comes with is is obviously useless, but so are all brushes that come with drugstore products in my opinion, or at least all the brushes I came along with. So I use it with my Bobbi Brown Face Blender - it's rather dense which perfect for loose mineral products.

When I tried to make a picture of a swatch on my hand the camera seemed to pick up only glitter. So, here’s a weirdly looking picture of my cheek. I still have some scaring after cystic acne that I got 2 months ago (it takes ages for my skin to heal a scar) -I still doubt what caused it - might it be just stress or quitting using my previous skin routine (I read in one blog that your skin can become addicted to it) so I apologize for a rubbishy looking skin

 I've recently started using a concealer from this line, so stay tuned for a review on this one!


Savannah said...

I like it, it looks pretty. And I didn't even notice any scares, don't worry they aren't as obvious as they huge one on my arm from a bad fall.


Renee said...

thank you, Savannah! do you have any recommendations on a bronzer?

Mimi said...

thanks for this review! i actually do not use a bronzer, but at least now i know what to get so i can start trying that out. :D

<3, Mimi

Renee said...

You know, I also neglected bronzers and eyelash curler for the longest time and got into them about a year ago. And I must say those two do wonders!

Savannah said...

Right now I'm loving Rimmel London's Natural Bronzer in Sunny bronze.

It is matte, and is really good for contouring.

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