Thursday, August 26, 2010

Review: bareMinerals Flawless Definition

I got this mascara as a freebie with one of my Sephora purchases - it was either a 100-point reward or a promo-code deluxe sample - I'm not sure, basically you can get it free with a purchase in almost every on-line store - ULTA, Sacks Fifth Avenue etc. etc. etc.

Eventually I was under an impression that it was their way to promote their new product. Well I shouldn't have been so fast to make conclusions.

This is the wand

And yes, that ugly blot of mascara comes out almost every time I pull the wand out. It's very hard to get rid of it as the synthetic bristles are very short and are rather far apart.

The promise on Sephora's web-site is:
"Flawless Definition Mascara accentuates and separates each and every lash with its sleek wand, while also lengthening, darkening, lifting, and strengthening for all-around, beautiful lashes. This long-wearing, yet gentle, formula is infused with nourishing 100% pure bareMinerals, antioxidants and natural extracts that condition, fortify and protect lashes."
Somehow I don't think so. It's very clumpy. I thought it would be better after a couple of weeks of air exposure. And once again I was wrong.

This is the result of a very careful application

As you can see it doesn't lengthen, add volume or define properly. The worst thing is not even it's application. I should confess that sometimes I like thick lashes. But it in about 4 hours it starts to flake like crazy! I've never had a mascara that comes off in such huge clumps. In 6-7 hours I have almost nothing left on my lashes but if I'm not careful I'm left with adorable panda eyes.

And to be completely honest I don't like the conical wand - it makes application very uncomfortable once you try to move to the center and inner corner of the eye.

Here's what I think. Once again my opinion can completely differ from yours.


Jackee said...

How disappointing. Well, at least you didn't purchase a full sized one.

Renee said...

I really wanted to love it, it sounded so good (((
but you're right - at least I didn't buy it

Mehak said...

This sounds and looks a lot like Maybelline Define- a -lash. I thought id love it at first..but it did nothing to lengthen my eyes, and i had bits of black mascara specks under my eyes as if someone had punched me in the face

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