Sunday, August 15, 2010


A letter to my inner voice
"Dear myself,
I am very sorry for not keeping the word that I gave you. But I am not sorry at all for getting my beloved Amor-Amor."
And back to being normal. Here it is. My preeeeeeeeeecious

I just couldn't help myself passing a perfume store in my mall the other day. Originally I intended just to smell it once again. But who was I kidding? I know this perfume by heart. I've done through numerous bottles for the past, hmmm... let me count... 7 years. My mom brought it for me from Paris and said that it smells just like me. And guess what - it was love at first sniff.
As some of you might have read I planned to buy this one only after I run out one more perfume in my collection. But it was too hard to resist.

And I also found this lovely bracelets in H&M they were only $3.45 each and I like how they spice up my casual outfits.


Reina said...

really sweet bracelets! if i could get it in white i'd totally buy some!

btw, i couldnt agree more with your blog title. its so true and im happy to say that im a person who can see plenty of beauty with herself despite all the shit that life thows at us. whoa. did i just change persons while writing that? hmmm. oh well ;D

Renee said...

It comes in white. but it's got "gold" detailing. As I mostly wear white metals, I decided not to buy it

you're so lucky to keep seeing it. I think that its something that a lot of people loose along the way and it's sad

Julie said...

those bracelets are gorgeous, have to get my hands on them fast! great blog :)

Reina said...

you're description of ballet is perfect!!! i loooked at it and was like "yea, ballet DOES have a fragile grace"
perfect description.
glad you'll be watching for the other posts + thanks for following!!!

Café Bellini said...

I have too many eyeshadows too, believe me... You are very good not to buy any!

Renee said...

And that being said I am waiting for NARS Bali in delivery (it was also one of my old loves I couldn't resist repurchasing :)

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

Those bracelets are super cool and funky :) I love it.

lol on your cat chewing on your brushes. I have a 2 yr old nephew that Loves to touch my things lol and yeah I like how my brushes are in a drawer now so they don't eat dust :)

thanks for stopping by!

Reina said...

man, you totally GET ballet. All of your comments are MUCH appriciated and SO insightful. i agree with everything you say and i honestly LOVE reading your comments. thanks with as much strength as a ballerina has!
:D thank you for your comment about my blog :D you've made my day!

3ate4 said...

Love the bracelets!

Lily ♥ said...

I love the bracelets! I've actually been collecting bracelets from trips I've been to. I like looking at each one and remembering where I got it. ♥

brightshimmer8 said...

very lovely bracelets! :)
I wish we had H&M! Hopefully they will have them whenever I visit the UK :)
Please feel free to check out my blog :)


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