Thursday, August 26, 2010

my turn on Chanel Paradoxal

Being inspired with all the beautiful pictures of Paradoxal I was totally determined to get it. But once the reviews hit the blogging community, I realized that there's definitely no need to say good-bye to $23 just to confirm myself what everyone else's been saying.

And as I love mixing my own colors basing on inspiration (not necessarily from other polishes) I came up with this little thing

 It's 1/2 Metro Chic + 1/4 Milani She's so glitzy +1/4 Milani HI-Res. You can see how all this colors look in their own in my Nail Polish Collection post
 I'm not saying it looks like Paradoxal or anything like that, but I love how it turned out


Savannah said...

So pretty! I would totally wear that.


Jackee said...

That's an awesome color AND you saved your $23! Woo hoo! I can't justify spending $23 on nail polish...I'm cheap when it comes to nail polish! LOL

Renee said...

thank you, ladies

Jackee, to be honest - I'm also rather cheap about polishes - the most I've paid so far is $9 for Sephora by OPI

Mehak said...

Thats a pretty colour!!! Im going to do some nail paint mixology myself!

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