Saturday, August 28, 2010

My most worn/favorite eye-shadows and EODT

I change my favorite eye shadows once in two weeks at least. But these two are my all-timers.
products and swatches pictured without flash. EOTD - with flash

Bali was my first NARS product and for the longest time I used it almost every day until I eventually ran out of it. This shadowis so versatile - you can use it to define your lash line, add mascara and  voila! the softest "bare" look ever, you can also use it to fill in your brows getting one of the most natural finishes. I'm not even going to mention it as a crease or an all-over color as it goes without saying. Taupe color and great formula - is all an eyeshadow fan like me needs to fall in love.

Almay in Oatmeal was an amazing drugstore discovery. It's super soft, blends easily and many high-end shadows can envy its staying power. The shade it self is- surprise, surprise- a shimmery oatmeal, but shimmery in a good way - no fall outs noticed. It does waken up the look making me look as if I get 12 hours of a blissful sleep.

If you have a bit oily lids like me, both eye-shadows will last for about 4 hours without a primer.

EOTD - my favorite look - Oatmeal all-over the lid and Bali along the lash lines and blended in the outer-V. The flash washes it out a little bit, but basically it gives a natural look with a subtle glow.


elizabeth said...

hello! i was just wondering, in your picture of Oatmeal, did you build up the color at the outer corner or is that a different eyeshadow? it's so pretty and i'm thinking of getting Oatmeal - especially if this look was done all with that shade. please let me know!

Renée said...

hi elizabeth! thanks for stopping by! it is a very flattering color, but it's quite light by itself, in the outer-corner I have lightly applied NARS Bali over Oatmeal

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