Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mud Color Era

I am rushing to share good news!

Drugstore nail polish lines have officially entered the "mud-color" era! I've been to CVS today and look what I found! Plus I embraced my coveting for fall colors!

Left to right Milani Bare to wear, Teddy bare, Revlon Valentine and Plum night

Milani has released a new collection and it appears to be a limited edition, at least my CVS only had two of each. So if you're interested, you'd better hurry up!
I'm not sure about Revlon ones, they were in a permanent line section but there were only one of each.

And to the swatches
that's how one coat looks like

and a two-coat finish

The Plum one looks almost black in some lighting and in another - a rich a blue toned purple! And the red one is deep blue toned red. Love them!

I personally prefer to apply two sheer coats rather then one thick. But I if you prefer the opposite you will be glad to know that Milani Teddy Bare can be opaque with just one thick layer.

Can't wait to wear them all. So far I opted for Teddy Bare

What are your favorite polishes and over all drugstore finds?


Parisa said...

Teddy bare is a gorgeous colour!


sparkleshinemagic said...

^^^same i love teddy the colour's lovely.nice post.I had to follow please check out my beauty blog and follow back please :D thanks.

Julie said...

teddy bare is gorgeous! i'm so obsessed with these colours, great blog!

makeupbykatie said...

Teddy Bare so so pretty! Off to go pick it up!(;

Renee said...

I'm sure you'll like bare to wear in person - it just doesn't come out well in puctures

Srish said...

I have a nailpolish in the same shade as Teddy it!!

Lily ♥ said...

I really like the nude colour, I've been looking for one recently. I'm gonna try it out ! :)

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