Saturday, August 14, 2010

Milani HD Advanced Lip color

Let me introduce you to my newest obsession:
Milani  HD Advanced Lip Color in  Romantic Rose

I absolutely love everything about it. How it looks, applies, smells and works.

This is their new 3-in-1 - color, comfort and care for lips.
The color is a your-lips-only-better one. Feels really nice on your lips an leaves them super moisturized. I like how it applies - glides on super easily.  The smell is the classic Milani one.
The tube itself looks very good for a drugstore product. I would even say that it doesn't look like a drugstore product. It's rather heavy - and I like that, and you need to twist the bottom part to get the product out - not the middle section.
The only down side is that as it's super soft I think I will finish it sooner then any other lippie.


bubblistyle said...

i love the neutral color!

Mimi said...

this sounds like a really great product! and i like the color! :D

<3, Mimi

Renee said...

It really is! well for me at least
I'm planning on getting it in another color - something brighter - or maybe two :)

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