Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lancome Mannequin eyeshadow dupe

I've been in love with this eyeshadow ever since I got it at Macy's as a freebie with a $50 Lancome purchase. Although I don't like cheating on Sephora this offer was too good to miss. As the Color Design Palette is worth $47 itself.

The color is adorable - it's taupe brown with pink and gold shimmer which creates a lovely dimension to the eye. It's a very versatile shadow - it can be worn by itself or together with other shadows, is buildable and can be used in both - evening and everyday look.

If you didn't guess the one one talking about is in the right top-corner.
And about a week ago I was looking for a copper eyeshadow. And happened to find this duo in Target if was priced $4.99. The shadows are really huge and I decided to give it a try (as you might remember I am still being in love with my nude shadow from Maybelline color Pro line). When on the register it turned out to be $2.47, I knew it was love! ;)
Now, I don't know why blogger is deciding to rotate this picture, but after a dozen of attempts I'm done trying to make it look the proper way. Sorry!

So the shadow I originally was going for is on the bottom of the picture. It's got crazy pigmentation and blends easily but the color itself makes me look as if I was crying for two night in a row. No thank you!

But the second I applied the top color all over my lid I knew we already met. After an hour of digging in my purse :) (I love huge purses, but you got to have patience looking for something) I found it on the very button of my makeup bag.
And bingo! Twins separated after birth have found each other. Case of point

Lancome on the left and Maybelline on the right

Lancome's pigmentation is definitely better, but Maybelline one is buildable so you can get the same pigmentation with a bit of effort.And for the price difference $17 vs $2.47 I can try to!
Here's how they look on. On one eye I'm wearing Maybelline, on the other - Lancome. Can you spot which is which?

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Price Scann said...

Wow they truly look identical

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