Monday, August 2, 2010

Guilty as charged

So I did it! I did come back for one of the polishes I was talking about in my weakness post.

I had " a very good excuse" I needed a sunscreen. Although I was very good I got only one polish and because I had a $1 off nail care purchase it turned to be 99 cents, so I can even say I was extremely good.

As I've already said I miss autumn colors, so I chose a purple color shockingly called "Purple Reigns".
Here it is (with and without flash)

Please, excuse my messy application. By the way if you don't like erasing mistakes with a Q-tip, those dots also come off once you shower or spend a couple of minutes dealing with water ;)))

The photo doesn't really do justice - it's got a very glossy finish. But I think this polish is rather runny, On the picture I am wearing two coats, as I didn't have time for the third one. It's OK, but definitely needs a third one for an opaque finish. 

I didn't find that it chips more then any other drugstore polish (except for Revlon and Milani)- i don't expect them to last more than 2 days - plus this is a dark color so it more evident even if you have a minor chip. I also found that it - not sure if it's the right word - it erases from nails. As I was packing something I accidentally pushed my right hand against a side of a box. The nail polish left traces on the box - as I find may dark polishes, even the expensive ones, do. But this one seemed to become more sheer on the nails, that contacted the box. So I would say definitely use a top coat with this one.

Other then that - a very lovely color. This line has a lot of dupes - or attempts to dupe - of trendy colors, I got mine at CVS in case you're interested in getting one of those.

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