Monday, August 16, 2010

Felt tip eye liners face off

The thing that I still cannot realize is how I ended up having two eyeliners. I am not a liquid eyeliner girl, I prefer a crayon set with shadow look. I've always had one liquid eyeliner just in case... You know sometimes you wake up an decide that you want to rock th '60s look or something like that.

And as those of you who are familiar with my blog might have already noticed that I'm a bit indifferent to Milani brand. So for those occasions I got their Eye Tech liquid eyeliner. I liked it. It was easier to work than with a brush tip one. But even though I didn't feel the lined look.

And then somehow I ended up having another one. You-tube and Blogger Beauty community once again played its trick with over-hyped products. I started thinking that this was it! If I get L'Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense I would definitely understand and love liquid eyeliners. But.. nope

Well at least now I can compare them
Milani Eye Tech in 01 Black

I like that you can grip it less then an inch away from the tip. The control you get is amazing, you can define how thick you line will be almost as if you were using a sharp pencil. If you like u glossy blackest black finish then this one is definitely not for you. It's more on the "natural" side.

 L'Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense

This has got a little less control as you are almost two inches away from the tip. The tip itself is linger and more pointy then Milanis' one but in the end they cane make lines of the same thickness. Super black and glossy.

Here they are side by side

Top - Milani, bottom  L'Oreal

And this is after I slightly rubbed my hand under warm water

If you look sharp you might see a trace on the bottom if not - Milani is the only one to survive this test. (and I have no idea what happened to the quality of this picture)

They come really close in pricing - but it also depends on a store you get them at. Bare in mind that L'Oreal is three times bigger then Milani - 0.05 FL OZ vs 0.015 FL OZ, but then again most of liners dry up faster then you can run out of them.

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Reina said...

yes, i like more of the natural look, but i sometimes do black liner. generally i use clinique's pencil liner in roast coffee. love it. it goes on nice and dosent look to harsh.

love your comment, i totally agree, each and everyone of us is briliant on our own but as a whole, sometimes we get a little messed up

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