Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dress Haul

I love dresses! They are so feminine and easy to style. Just though on a shirt dress add some jewelery and you're good to go! That being said I have to admit that I got on this bandwagon only three years ago. Before that I've always been a jeans girl, and you could hear me saying "I love jeans and a black shirt, it's so stylish and you can never go wrong with them". I still think so, but now I am really into dresses. So this is what I got on this weekend.

It's a Victoria's Secret Smocked Tank Bra Top Dress - it's currently on sale for $19.99 instead of $58. I also got this one in Grapevine.

Wandering around Target I came across this sweetheart. It costs a bit too much for a Target brand ($29.99), but I think it will be reduced soon. I just couldn't wait - I had a picnic to go to and I already planned to go in a dress, but my VS ones haven't arrived yet.

You can see a better picture or buy it online on their site. I can basically live in this dress.

I also got a Cotton Rib Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweaterdress from Victoria's Secret in Camel(it's a sandy color) but it makes horrible hanger-pictures, so I tried Google images and all I could find is this. It's in the wrong color but you get the idea. This one is $35.

I plan to wear it with my Cynthia Vincent for Target sandals. You can see their picture here. I promise they look nothing like that on a feet. I fact they look very nice and stylish. Wow, I just checked them on line for you $10.48 - now that's a bargain I got them for a full price. If you wear high-hilled sandals try this! 


Savannah said...

I love dresses(: So comfy, effortlessly chic, and girly!

Kristie said...

I love all the picks. Dresses are great to wear in the summer.

Katastrophic said...

They are lovely dresses. :)

Reina said...

ooo i love that red one from VS!
i love VS dresses, espcially when they're on sale!!!
ohh. dresses are just the best.

hahah, oh its okay about your ramblings, trust me, i leave LONG rambling comments a LOT. pretty much because all the ideas in my head dont go through a filter and go straight to my hands where i type them out. And then i realize how long my comment was but then dont feel like deleting it because i typed so much and i got my idea across.
haha, my ramblings sort of like this. well anyways, i really love all your comments + your "rambling" comments too!

Lily ♥ said...

I love the grey one! I love how you can just throw on a dress and your ready to go, no need to look for a skirt or pants or a shirt. I can only really wear dresses in the summer, it's way too cold in the winter. Really great picks you've got here! :)

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