Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cleansing miracle

I know it's been less then a month since I raved about Dr Bronner's soap. Don't get me wrong. I am still in love with it and the way how it helped to restore my skin condition is hard to overestimate.  My skin has cleared up and the oil level is restored. But that's the point - it is normal for me to have combination oily skin, while after all the treatments I ended up with extremely thin and dehydrated skin. So after things got back to what they have to be I noticed that blackheads are making their way back to my face as well. Not something I was aiming for, I promise.

And right about that time I got my Sephora package, apparently they ran out of one of the samples I chose, so as a compliment I got three Korres White tea cleanser samples.

That was enough to last me almost a week and I must say - I'm amazed. My skin looks great - it's clearer  and pores seem much smaller. It cleanses just on the perfect level - pulls out all impurities, but doesn't strip my skin of moisture, and after you wash it off it's gone completely (something that Dr Bronner soaps missed). I am definitely getting a full size one. I think a week is enough to make judgments on a cleanser. And as I'm a huge fan of their whole line I'm almost sure that it will keep getting my skin in a better condition.

As I spend half-a day wondering around Korres web-site, all my Google ads seem to be only about it. But there's good news, now I know that you can get 25% off and a free shipping with a $35 purchase, just enter SECRET. Hope it helps! 

P.S. Picture is courtesy of Google images. And no, I am not affiliated with Korres


Crystal said...

thank you for the review! it looks like a good product to try :)

Mimi said...

this sounds really great! i think i want to try this. :D

<3, Mimi

Reina said...

MUCH love to all your comments ;D
And am so glad im able to share all my inspiration & stuff with you!!!

i shall have to look for this product!


sounds tempting... ;)

Catanya said...

It sounds like an excellent product! I am eager to try! Thanks a lot for your great review, I have just become your newest follower.

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