Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NOTD Sonia Kashuk Taunting teal

Please excuse my messy nails - this picture was made in the end of the day and I have a habit - when I think about something important I pick the edges of my polish
So this is how it looks like in a bottle when you see it in a store and, obviously expect it to look on your nails

but, this is what you get in real after two coats
I have to admit - it does look true to its color in the bottle if you put on only one layer. But I am both messy and lazy to be precise in one coat. So I guess there's a part of my fault as well.
Over all I expect it to be of a good quality as it didn't chip anywhere after two showers and a busy day. But it's one of those "thin" polishes. I'm about its finish not about consistency in a bottle - it leaves a very thin film over your nail, while I prefer a thicker one, but this can easily be altered with a good old top-coat
By the way it has got a classical nail polish brush (not thick or thin) which is very comfortable to work with.
Here's my two cents 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Target haul

Monday is a hard day. But luckily  there is an easy way to make it better. Get yourself a little bit of shopping.

Wandering around Target I found out that Sonia Kashuk has recently come up with a line of polishes. Or may be my store has just stocked them up. I was good and got myself only two
 A deep Bordeaux color which comes out lighter in pictures in number 15 - Stop whining  and a teal color that is darker and has got a green tint to it in real life in number 14 - Taunting teal. Both seem so pretty, can't wait to use them. The SK polish line also consisted of a taupe color very similar to Milani Teddy Bare (guess they are both inspired by Particuliere), a silver color and a black one. I already have them so this has saved me some money. Each polish is $4.99 and as far as I understand is 3 bad guys free. It doesn't say that directly on the box, but there is no DBP, toluene, formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin in the ingredients list. Yay!! 

I also noticed they were having a great sale on their eye shadow quads ( $3.24 instead of $12.99) sounds like a bargain to me, plus I've wanted to try something else from SK. I went for, surprise-surprise, a neutral one - 

08 Cotton candy quad.

It consists of a light peach, shimmery pale pink, vanilla white and a soft beige-brown color. The texture is a bit rougher then I expected more on a drugstore side. Let me know if you want to see swatches.

Whilst being their I picked up a Revlon Colorstay foundation in 200 Nude (no need to take a picture, we all know how it looks).  It's my second bottle. To be honest I didn't like the first one as it has dried up my skin. But I decided to give it a second try - my skin feels much better now then when I first tried it. And plus, I start to loose my tan, so my beloved Korres Wild Rose foundation in their lightest color for olive-toned skin (which is WRF-2 if you're wondering) is turning too yellow toned for me. I'm going to miss it till I get tanned again. I love it so much, but not that much to sport an oompa-loompa look. We shall see, may be this time Colorstay and I will find our way.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My most worn/favorite eye-shadows and EODT

I change my favorite eye shadows once in two weeks at least. But these two are my all-timers.
products and swatches pictured without flash. EOTD - with flash

Bali was my first NARS product and for the longest time I used it almost every day until I eventually ran out of it. This shadowis so versatile - you can use it to define your lash line, add mascara and  voila! the softest "bare" look ever, you can also use it to fill in your brows getting one of the most natural finishes. I'm not even going to mention it as a crease or an all-over color as it goes without saying. Taupe color and great formula - is all an eyeshadow fan like me needs to fall in love.

Almay in Oatmeal was an amazing drugstore discovery. It's super soft, blends easily and many high-end shadows can envy its staying power. The shade it self is- surprise, surprise- a shimmery oatmeal, but shimmery in a good way - no fall outs noticed. It does waken up the look making me look as if I get 12 hours of a blissful sleep.

If you have a bit oily lids like me, both eye-shadows will last for about 4 hours without a primer.

EOTD - my favorite look - Oatmeal all-over the lid and Bali along the lash lines and blended in the outer-V. The flash washes it out a little bit, but basically it gives a natural look with a subtle glow.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Professional Size

My dearest friends Urban Decay has finally heard us crying for a normal tube. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Professional Size 
No need to cut, depot and carefully store your primer from a weird tube. Though it costs $11 more it's almost 3 times bigger (0.85 OZ vs 0.34 oz). 

This is definitely good news!

picture is from

Thursday, August 26, 2010

my turn on Chanel Paradoxal

Being inspired with all the beautiful pictures of Paradoxal I was totally determined to get it. But once the reviews hit the blogging community, I realized that there's definitely no need to say good-bye to $23 just to confirm myself what everyone else's been saying.

And as I love mixing my own colors basing on inspiration (not necessarily from other polishes) I came up with this little thing

 It's 1/2 Metro Chic + 1/4 Milani She's so glitzy +1/4 Milani HI-Res. You can see how all this colors look in their own in my Nail Polish Collection post
 I'm not saying it looks like Paradoxal or anything like that, but I love how it turned out

Review: bareMinerals Flawless Definition

I got this mascara as a freebie with one of my Sephora purchases - it was either a 100-point reward or a promo-code deluxe sample - I'm not sure, basically you can get it free with a purchase in almost every on-line store - ULTA, Sacks Fifth Avenue etc. etc. etc.

Eventually I was under an impression that it was their way to promote their new product. Well I shouldn't have been so fast to make conclusions.

This is the wand

And yes, that ugly blot of mascara comes out almost every time I pull the wand out. It's very hard to get rid of it as the synthetic bristles are very short and are rather far apart.

The promise on Sephora's web-site is:
"Flawless Definition Mascara accentuates and separates each and every lash with its sleek wand, while also lengthening, darkening, lifting, and strengthening for all-around, beautiful lashes. This long-wearing, yet gentle, formula is infused with nourishing 100% pure bareMinerals, antioxidants and natural extracts that condition, fortify and protect lashes."
Somehow I don't think so. It's very clumpy. I thought it would be better after a couple of weeks of air exposure. And once again I was wrong.

This is the result of a very careful application

As you can see it doesn't lengthen, add volume or define properly. The worst thing is not even it's application. I should confess that sometimes I like thick lashes. But it in about 4 hours it starts to flake like crazy! I've never had a mascara that comes off in such huge clumps. In 6-7 hours I have almost nothing left on my lashes but if I'm not careful I'm left with adorable panda eyes.

And to be completely honest I don't like the conical wand - it makes application very uncomfortable once you try to move to the center and inner corner of the eye.

Here's what I think. Once again my opinion can completely differ from yours.

what it takes to be me :)

as some of you might know about a month ago I won Fleur-de-Force' contest!
So as time has passed and I didn't get my prize I decided to check if I typed everything correctly - and guess what - apparently I was so excited that I won (I never won any blog contest before), that I didn't notice -my side number-pad was off and I didn't type my unit number!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why are people so cruel

I just read this on Tali's blog. And I can't help sharing.

What makes some people think that they have the right to judge the others. And those particular creatures (I can't call them people) thought they even have the right to punish. Something is wrong with this world

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cleansing miracle

I know it's been less then a month since I raved about Dr Bronner's soap. Don't get me wrong. I am still in love with it and the way how it helped to restore my skin condition is hard to overestimate.  My skin has cleared up and the oil level is restored. But that's the point - it is normal for me to have combination oily skin, while after all the treatments I ended up with extremely thin and dehydrated skin. So after things got back to what they have to be I noticed that blackheads are making their way back to my face as well. Not something I was aiming for, I promise.

And right about that time I got my Sephora package, apparently they ran out of one of the samples I chose, so as a compliment I got three Korres White tea cleanser samples.

That was enough to last me almost a week and I must say - I'm amazed. My skin looks great - it's clearer  and pores seem much smaller. It cleanses just on the perfect level - pulls out all impurities, but doesn't strip my skin of moisture, and after you wash it off it's gone completely (something that Dr Bronner soaps missed). I am definitely getting a full size one. I think a week is enough to make judgments on a cleanser. And as I'm a huge fan of their whole line I'm almost sure that it will keep getting my skin in a better condition.

As I spend half-a day wondering around Korres web-site, all my Google ads seem to be only about it. But there's good news, now I know that you can get 25% off and a free shipping with a $35 purchase, just enter SECRET. Hope it helps! 

P.S. Picture is courtesy of Google images. And no, I am not affiliated with Korres

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

N.Y.C IndividualEyes Custom Compact

I just can't resist anything that promises to emphasize my eye color. I often get compliments on it and guess I'm that vein that I can never get enough of it. Oh well!

So when I saw this in my Rite Aid a while ago I didn't hesitate on getting it. And aside the fact that it's supposed to bring out your eye-color, I like NYC eyeshadow quality. Quite nice for a drugstore and almost amazing for its price tag.

This is how it looks like in Green Eyes edition

(somebody, please, tell me why blogger rotates some of my pictures!!! uhhhh!!!)

It comes with 4 lovely, smooth and richly pigmented colors - a cream e/s base and an illuminator.

top - with a base, bottom - without

The base works really great for keeping the shadows on (I even had to use a soap to wash off the dark color swatches from my hand) but they become a bit streaky so you will have to blend a little bit more. And I do think his palette emphasizes my eye color.

I don't think much of the illuminator when applied in the inner corner. It dries faster then I manage to blend it as I personally prefer sheer luminosity, but as I have rather oily lids it creases in a couple of hours. Looks nice under the brow-bone but then again I only wear matte highlight there. I kinda like it in pictures though

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dress Haul

I love dresses! They are so feminine and easy to style. Just though on a shirt dress add some jewelery and you're good to go! That being said I have to admit that I got on this bandwagon only three years ago. Before that I've always been a jeans girl, and you could hear me saying "I love jeans and a black shirt, it's so stylish and you can never go wrong with them". I still think so, but now I am really into dresses. So this is what I got on this weekend.

It's a Victoria's Secret Smocked Tank Bra Top Dress - it's currently on sale for $19.99 instead of $58. I also got this one in Grapevine.

Wandering around Target I came across this sweetheart. It costs a bit too much for a Target brand ($29.99), but I think it will be reduced soon. I just couldn't wait - I had a picnic to go to and I already planned to go in a dress, but my VS ones haven't arrived yet.

You can see a better picture or buy it online on their site. I can basically live in this dress.

I also got a Cotton Rib Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweaterdress from Victoria's Secret in Camel(it's a sandy color) but it makes horrible hanger-pictures, so I tried Google images and all I could find is this. It's in the wrong color but you get the idea. This one is $35.

I plan to wear it with my Cynthia Vincent for Target sandals. You can see their picture here. I promise they look nothing like that on a feet. I fact they look very nice and stylish. Wow, I just checked them on line for you $10.48 - now that's a bargain I got them for a full price. If you wear high-hilled sandals try this! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Felt tip eye liners face off

The thing that I still cannot realize is how I ended up having two eyeliners. I am not a liquid eyeliner girl, I prefer a crayon set with shadow look. I've always had one liquid eyeliner just in case... You know sometimes you wake up an decide that you want to rock th '60s look or something like that.

And as those of you who are familiar with my blog might have already noticed that I'm a bit indifferent to Milani brand. So for those occasions I got their Eye Tech liquid eyeliner. I liked it. It was easier to work than with a brush tip one. But even though I didn't feel the lined look.

And then somehow I ended up having another one. You-tube and Blogger Beauty community once again played its trick with over-hyped products. I started thinking that this was it! If I get L'Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense I would definitely understand and love liquid eyeliners. But.. nope

Well at least now I can compare them
Milani Eye Tech in 01 Black

I like that you can grip it less then an inch away from the tip. The control you get is amazing, you can define how thick you line will be almost as if you were using a sharp pencil. If you like u glossy blackest black finish then this one is definitely not for you. It's more on the "natural" side.

 L'Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense

This has got a little less control as you are almost two inches away from the tip. The tip itself is linger and more pointy then Milanis' one but in the end they cane make lines of the same thickness. Super black and glossy.

Here they are side by side

Top - Milani, bottom  L'Oreal

And this is after I slightly rubbed my hand under warm water

If you look sharp you might see a trace on the bottom if not - Milani is the only one to survive this test. (and I have no idea what happened to the quality of this picture)

They come really close in pricing - but it also depends on a store you get them at. Bare in mind that L'Oreal is three times bigger then Milani - 0.05 FL OZ vs 0.015 FL OZ, but then again most of liners dry up faster then you can run out of them.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


A letter to my inner voice
"Dear myself,
I am very sorry for not keeping the word that I gave you. But I am not sorry at all for getting my beloved Amor-Amor."
And back to being normal. Here it is. My preeeeeeeeeecious

I just couldn't help myself passing a perfume store in my mall the other day. Originally I intended just to smell it once again. But who was I kidding? I know this perfume by heart. I've done through numerous bottles for the past, hmmm... let me count... 7 years. My mom brought it for me from Paris and said that it smells just like me. And guess what - it was love at first sniff.
As some of you might have read I planned to buy this one only after I run out one more perfume in my collection. But it was too hard to resist.

And I also found this lovely bracelets in H&M they were only $3.45 each and I like how they spice up my casual outfits.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Milani HD Advanced Lip color

Let me introduce you to my newest obsession:
Milani  HD Advanced Lip Color in  Romantic Rose

I absolutely love everything about it. How it looks, applies, smells and works.

This is their new 3-in-1 - color, comfort and care for lips.
The color is a your-lips-only-better one. Feels really nice on your lips an leaves them super moisturized. I like how it applies - glides on super easily.  The smell is the classic Milani one.
The tube itself looks very good for a drugstore product. I would even say that it doesn't look like a drugstore product. It's rather heavy - and I like that, and you need to twist the bottom part to get the product out - not the middle section.
The only down side is that as it's super soft I think I will finish it sooner then any other lippie.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Review: Alba aloe & green tea oil-free moisturizer

So three weeks that you're supposed to give a new product to start working on your skin have already passed and here comes my review on Alba moisturizer.

I would like to start by telling that I got it specifically as deep hydrating cream as my skin was dried out after cystic acne attack and an enormous amount of treatments I packed on my skin at that time. And I was under no impression that it would be a light vanishing cream.

It caught  my attention as it is oil-free and somewhat natural.

But back to the point... I think Alba works great as a deep moisturizer. Whenever I apply at night I wake up with plump and lifted (not in anti-aging meaning of this word) skin. And if you apply it in the morning it's gonna tighten up your skin an let your make up slide on flawlessly. Lovely isn't it a deep moisturizer with a primer qualities. But here's a catch - first of all takes longer to be absorbed by your skin, prepare to save some time in the morning, and this cream leaves a thin film on the surface of your skin and after about 4-5 hours it turns into a greasy film. Not good, not good! And after I've been using it for about two weeks I started noticing that my skin is oiler than it was before. But I already have combination skin type, so a better thing would be to say that it doesn't keep my face less shinier as some other moisturizers do.

Make up wise - I've been using it under bare Essentials powder and I have a feeling it makes it come off faster, I'm not sure how it would cooperate with a liquid foundation though.

What I also don't like is that Alba moisturizer is rather runny and comes in a jar, and if you are a germ-freak like me you know what it means. So I ended up pouring a week lasting amount in a separate jar to bring contamination to minimum.

My verdict - great deep moisturizer, might be a life changer if you have a dry skin. If not I would recommend to use it once a day and you will get marvelous results! If only it came with a pump!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MAC free shipping

Dear ladies

If you live far away from your MAC counter I've got good news. In case you haven't heard yet MAC is having a free shipping promo on any purchase it lasts till August 13th, so hurry up!
Unfortunately, it's a US only thing,
Have a lovely shopping!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mud Color Era

I am rushing to share good news!

Drugstore nail polish lines have officially entered the "mud-color" era! I've been to CVS today and look what I found! Plus I embraced my coveting for fall colors!

Left to right Milani Bare to wear, Teddy bare, Revlon Valentine and Plum night

Milani has released a new collection and it appears to be a limited edition, at least my CVS only had two of each. So if you're interested, you'd better hurry up!
I'm not sure about Revlon ones, they were in a permanent line section but there were only one of each.

And to the swatches
that's how one coat looks like

and a two-coat finish

The Plum one looks almost black in some lighting and in another - a rich a blue toned purple! And the red one is deep blue toned red. Love them!

I personally prefer to apply two sheer coats rather then one thick. But I if you prefer the opposite you will be glad to know that Milani Teddy Bare can be opaque with just one thick layer.

Can't wait to wear them all. So far I opted for Teddy Bare

What are your favorite polishes and over all drugstore finds?

Lancome Mannequin eyeshadow dupe

I've been in love with this eyeshadow ever since I got it at Macy's as a freebie with a $50 Lancome purchase. Although I don't like cheating on Sephora this offer was too good to miss. As the Color Design Palette is worth $47 itself.

The color is adorable - it's taupe brown with pink and gold shimmer which creates a lovely dimension to the eye. It's a very versatile shadow - it can be worn by itself or together with other shadows, is buildable and can be used in both - evening and everyday look.

If you didn't guess the one one talking about is in the right top-corner.
And about a week ago I was looking for a copper eyeshadow. And happened to find this duo in Target if was priced $4.99. The shadows are really huge and I decided to give it a try (as you might remember I am still being in love with my nude shadow from Maybelline color Pro line). When on the register it turned out to be $2.47, I knew it was love! ;)
Now, I don't know why blogger is deciding to rotate this picture, but after a dozen of attempts I'm done trying to make it look the proper way. Sorry!

So the shadow I originally was going for is on the bottom of the picture. It's got crazy pigmentation and blends easily but the color itself makes me look as if I was crying for two night in a row. No thank you!

But the second I applied the top color all over my lid I knew we already met. After an hour of digging in my purse :) (I love huge purses, but you got to have patience looking for something) I found it on the very button of my makeup bag.
And bingo! Twins separated after birth have found each other. Case of point

Lancome on the left and Maybelline on the right

Lancome's pigmentation is definitely better, but Maybelline one is buildable so you can get the same pigmentation with a bit of effort.And for the price difference $17 vs $2.47 I can try to!
Here's how they look on. On one eye I'm wearing Maybelline, on the other - Lancome. Can you spot which is which?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat

I've wandering around Sephora's website for a while looking for something interesting. I often do that when I have noting to do, or when I have something important to do but I just can't force myself to start doing that. If you know what I mean you'll understand, if you don't - well even if I was good at describing my thoughts - I believe you wouldn't get it :))))
So here's what I found
(picture is taken from

Basically, it's a nail strengthener. Here's what it claims to do:

"This "Suit of Armor" creates a sheer pink coating that strengthens and hardens natural nails so they grow beautifully long and strong. Its keratin-rich formula includes an optical brightener that filters out any yellow appearance in your nails, bringing out the natural color in your nail bed and making the whites of your nails appear whiter."

Has any of you tried it? What do you think? And how does it look on the nails? as a clear nail polish with a bit thicker consistency or as gel-overlays.

Review: Maybelline Mineral power bronzer in Sunlight Bronze

I came across this bronzer a while ago and ever since it’s been my “go to” product. I think a lot of it and decided to share the love :))

But before posting a review I would like to say that actually I am being very skeptical about drugstore mineral makeup. I feel deceived seeing word “mineral” printed in a large font, while on the bottom of the box you can find out that “this products has minerals added to its formulation for a better performance” (read “to be marketed as mineral makeup”). So I was under no impression that it was going to be as good as bareEssentuals mineral makeup. I picked it up because it has the least amount of sheer in it in comparison to other brands and ended up loving it much more than bE one. To be honest I didn’t like the All Over Color in Warmth that came with a starter kit it was too red toned for me and extremely pigmented so I had to be very careful applying it – while the last thing I want in the morning is to spend 5 minutes on the bronzer itself and still have a risk of looking muddy. And it also made my face itch a couple of hours after application.

So back to the Maybelline one. This is a very subtile bronzer with a very fine shimmer in it. Except for this one all my other bronzers are matte. After a month of a religious use I didn’t find that it breaks me out or affects my skin in any negative way. I mostly apply it to contour my face under the cheek bone or in a 3B way. It blends perfectly and I even start to like shimmer in this bronzer. Although I don’t think I am likely to keep using it through winter – it’s more of a summer glow for me.

The brush that comes with is is obviously useless, but so are all brushes that come with drugstore products in my opinion, or at least all the brushes I came along with. So I use it with my Bobbi Brown Face Blender - it's rather dense which perfect for loose mineral products.

When I tried to make a picture of a swatch on my hand the camera seemed to pick up only glitter. So, here’s a weirdly looking picture of my cheek. I still have some scaring after cystic acne that I got 2 months ago (it takes ages for my skin to heal a scar) -I still doubt what caused it - might it be just stress or quitting using my previous skin routine (I read in one blog that your skin can become addicted to it) so I apologize for a rubbishy looking skin

 I've recently started using a concealer from this line, so stay tuned for a review on this one!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Top 5 drugstore lipsticks

Lately, I've been really into lipsticks. That's why I've been reading a lot of blog posts on them. And currently I am under an impression that my life is incomplete without at least 10 million shades of lippies =)
Beauty bloggers can be so seducing.... And if you can't beat them - join them. So here comes my first lipstick post. These are drugstore buddies that are worth recommendations in my opinion.

How they look in tubes

Swatches (in the same order as on the previous picture)

A photo of my bare lips - to let you see the pigmentation 
And the case of point themselves

Cover Girl Tru Shine in number 400
A really lovely color - shimmery pale pink, buildable but tends to set in the lines if generously applied. Rather shiny hence the name.

Revlon ColorBurst in Soft nude
Creamy and peachy toned nude, that can tone down even rather pigmented lips. Surprisingly for a drugstore nude - not chalky at all. Does make your lips neither matte, nor glossy. I would say they look moisturized. 
 L'Oreal Colour Riche in Dune
A shimmery beige- brown color. Glossy finish and the infamous L'Oreal lipstick smell/taste.

Maybelline Color Sensational in Born with it
Love it! If you have green eyes and slight olive skin undertones - definitely give it a try. Really brightens up my complexion and makes my eye color stand out. Creamy, buildable and doesn't set in lines.

Maybelline Color Sensational Pearl series in Champagne Shimmer

Color pay off is poor but it really gives lips a pearl shimmer/sheen. I like to mix it with mattes or
P.S. Looked through my post - feels creepy to see so many pictures of my lips. Hope I didn't scare you off.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Guilty as charged

So I did it! I did come back for one of the polishes I was talking about in my weakness post.

I had " a very good excuse" I needed a sunscreen. Although I was very good I got only one polish and because I had a $1 off nail care purchase it turned to be 99 cents, so I can even say I was extremely good.

As I've already said I miss autumn colors, so I chose a purple color shockingly called "Purple Reigns".
Here it is (with and without flash)

Please, excuse my messy application. By the way if you don't like erasing mistakes with a Q-tip, those dots also come off once you shower or spend a couple of minutes dealing with water ;)))

The photo doesn't really do justice - it's got a very glossy finish. But I think this polish is rather runny, On the picture I am wearing two coats, as I didn't have time for the third one. It's OK, but definitely needs a third one for an opaque finish. 

I didn't find that it chips more then any other drugstore polish (except for Revlon and Milani)- i don't expect them to last more than 2 days - plus this is a dark color so it more evident even if you have a minor chip. I also found that it - not sure if it's the right word - it erases from nails. As I was packing something I accidentally pushed my right hand against a side of a box. The nail polish left traces on the box - as I find may dark polishes, even the expensive ones, do. But this one seemed to become more sheer on the nails, that contacted the box. So I would say definitely use a top coat with this one.

Other then that - a very lovely color. This line has a lot of dupes - or attempts to dupe - of trendy colors, I got mine at CVS in case you're interested in getting one of those.
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