Monday, July 26, 2010

Perfume, fragrance, scent....= LOVE

A couple of years ago I read in one book that all women can be divided into three categories – the ones that love shoes, dresses or perfume the most  - I definitely belong to the latter group. I love perfume, love choosing and wearing it, love my staple ones and love new ones. I am rather compulsive in buying fragrances though. I can buy something that I’m not sure about, but mostly try to stick to the best rule – try how a new smell works with your body chemistry for about 5 hours before buying – this is the best thing to do.

Last year I went through a very strange phase – I hated all my all time favorites and bought some very much out of my comfort zone. So now I have some strange fragrances that I’m trying to make work.

Without further rambling, my perfume collection consists of

My favorites

I have two signature scents, both are fruity-citrusy - Dior Addict Shine and Cacharel Amor AmorThey are a perfect concentration of sweetness for me.  I don’t like too sweet or too flowery ones.

Before describing the perfume notes I would like to warn you that I’m really bad at this. But I find that when I read blog posts about fragrances I mostly pay attention to what scents I already have, and if two or more match – there’s a big chance that I’ll love the other ones. May be my post will help someone find a “new love”.

Dior Addict Shine smells of raspberry (not the chemical essence, but the real raspberry bush) and citrus. Amour Amour smells of blackcurrant, citrus and jasmine. The perfume picture is courtesy of Google Images as I’ve ran out of it and honestly, it makes me feel incomplete. But I made a promise to myself not to buy any new fragrance until I run out of at least two I have. So, one more to go.

I also love Marc Jacobs Daisy, I believe so far the only floral sweet smell in my favorites. But I don’t think it will make another signature scent.

The ones I like

J’adore Dior is a flower fresh one- it’s very sophisticated and buildable. It can easily take you from day to night and from casual to formal occasion.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle – very light and fresh, but for me there’s something missing, I would really use a bit more depth in it. I wear this one or Sheseido Zen when I don’t feel like wearing rather noticeable perfume.

My winter/heavy scents

To be completely honest I’m still not sure why I bought Juicy Couture – because I liked it or because Lollipop26 recommended it. It smells good, just may be not exactly one of “my perfumes”. I enjoy wearing it when I go somewhere with my friends or family (i.e. the people I know – and know that they don’t have this one), because if you wear it out to an occasion where meet new people chances are you’ll end up sharing this scent with a couple of other ladies. This is not good at all!

Idole d’Armani

This perfume has got its own character! Sometimes it smells all day as if you’ve just spayed it – I don’t like that way – it too grown up for me. But on the days when it decides to settle - it’s a very beautiful and charming flower smell.

The little ones

These three were gifts with a purchase and I neither like them nor hate.

CK Eternity Moment is a fruity-floral, but I mind you mostly floral, scent. Has no sweetness in it and is rather strong. And I quite liked wearing it last summer. But I was also wearing it when I was not in a very good place in my life, so now I prefer to stay away in order not to bring back the memories.  

Zen is also very light – smells of grapefruit, roses and lotus to me, a really lovely sent but unfortunately with no staying power at all.

Couture Couture by Juicy Couture –smells good, but out of my comfort zone.  I’m not a huge fan of sandalwood and vanilla in a perfume.

The unloved ones

Bvlgary Omnia Crystalline. Everyone in my family knows that I’m a perfume junkie, so on my last birthday I got a Sephora Favourites perfume sampler with a certificate for a full version. I only liked two scents, one being Daisy – but I just bought a new bottle at that moment of time, and another was Omnia. I was hesitant on this one, but hoped to make it work. Unfortunately, I failed. So now it just stands on the back of my shelf collecting dust.

Burberry Brit Sheer. I have two ideas why I don’t like it. First – it doesn’t open up on me – same smell as if you just spayed it – I guess a tester paper in Macy’s had a better body chemistry then I do. Second – one of its notes matches my mom’s go out perfume when I was 5-6 years old. And at that age I hated going to birthdays and any other celebrations that included a big amount of guests (to be honest, I still do) so this scent just brings back all that emotions.

So this is it. What do you think of my collection?
What perfume do you love the most?


Jonesy said...

cute blog! I'm a new follower. Would love for you to check out mine too (and follow if you like it) !

Katastrophic said...

Nice collect you have there. :) I am interested in the Dior Addict Shine. This post makes me want to go out to test a bunch of new smells. Hahah, I may do that this week.

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